Wescott School Staff

Mrs. Elissa Anderson

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Tracy Bahn

Mrs. Tracy Bahn

5th Grade Teacher

Photo of Ms. Ashley Bakal

Ms. Ashley Bakal

2nd Grade Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Alexis Barrett

Mrs. Alexis Barrett

Orchestra Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Catherine Bernard-Petersen

Mrs. Catherine Bernard-Petersen

Learning Behavior Specialist

This is my ninth year teaching at 871909. Prior to teaching at Wescott, I spent on...

Photo of Dr. Christopher M. Brown
Photo of Mr. Josh Bryant

Mr. Josh Bryant

Learning Behavior Specialist

Ms. Katie Bulzoni

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Mr. Joe Burdi

Mr. Joe Burdi

Wellness/PE Teacher

Photo of Mr. Lucio Castrejon
Photo of Mrs. E.J. Choi

Mrs. E.J. Choi

EL Teacher (Wescott)

Photo of Mrs. Petra Choi

Mrs. Petra Choi

4th Grade Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Jamie Coan

Mrs. Jamie Coan

K-5 Gifted Math Teacher

Photo of Mr. Quentin Coaxum

Mr. Quentin Coaxum

Music Teacher

Mrs. Paulina Coletta

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Mrs. Kathryn Compagno

Mrs. Kathryn Compagno

Assistant Principal

Photo of Ms. Anna Davis

Ms. Anna Davis

Technology Integration Specialist

Mrs. Sara DeAngelis

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Mrs. Caroline Drake

Mrs. Caroline Drake

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Christina Fee

Mrs. Christina Fee

Wellness/Physical Education Teacher

Year Started: 2016/2017Bachelor of Science-Kinesiology from the University Of Wisconsin...

Photo of Mrs. Rita Field

Mrs. Rita Field

School Psychologist

Photo of Ms. Alexis Georgis

Ms. Alexis Georgis

3rd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Mrs. Amy Gloria

Mrs. Amy Gloria

3rd Grade Teacher

Check out our class Twitter page @WillowbrookKB

Photo of Mrs. Sylvia Gochis

Mrs. Sylvia Gochis

Learning Behavior Specialist

Photo of Mr. Roy Grober

Mr. Roy Grober

Wellness/PE Teacher

I have been teaching physical education and health at Wescott School for over 20 years....

Photo of Ms. Ashley Grosshuesch

Ms. Ashley Grosshuesch

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Debra Grundy

Mrs. Debra Grundy

Office Assistant

Mr. Ryan Hochman

Learning Specialist

Photo of Mrs. Courtney Hoffman

Mrs. Courtney Hoffman

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Margaret Janavicius

Mrs. Margaret Janavicius

Library Media Specialist

Photo of Mrs. Erin Janick

Mrs. Erin Janick

District Content Area Specialist/Gifted Program Coordinator

Photo of Mrs. Rachael Jennings

Mrs. Rachael Jennings

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Ms. Kate Kamin

Ms. Kate Kamin

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Ms. Kimberly Karlin

Ms. Kimberly Karlin

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Mr. David Karnoscak

Mr. David Karnoscak

5th Grade Teacher

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/dkarnoscak/featured Twitter: https://...

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Photo of Mrs. Katie Keesbury

Mrs. Katie Keesbury

Reading Specialist

Photo of Mrs. Sojung Kim

Mrs. Sojung Kim

EL Teacher (Wescott)

Photo of Mrs. Mindy Lamberti

Mrs. Mindy Lamberti

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Sharon Latek

Mrs. Sharon Latek

1st Grade Teacher

  I am... I am a wife. I am a mom. I am a pug person. I am a daught...

Photo of Mrs. Sarah Lerman

Mrs. Sarah Lerman

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Lainie Levin

Mrs. Lainie Levin

Gifted English/Language Arts Teacher

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Ms. Julie Liebman

Music & Art Teacher

Photo of Mr. Joel Losoff

Mr. Joel Losoff

3rd Grade Teacher

I graduated from the University of Iowa and went on to get 2 Masters Degrees. The first...

Photo of Mrs. Sallie Magruder

Mrs. Sallie Magruder

2nd Grade Teacher

Welcome to Second Grade! My name is Sallie Magruder, and I would like to share with you...

Photo of Mrs. Andrea Manning

Mrs. Andrea Manning

Art Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Joan Marsh

Mrs. Joan Marsh

LMC Assistant

Photo of Mrs. Julie Molay

Mrs. Julie Molay

4th Grade Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Kelly Montesano

Mrs. Kelly Montesano

School Nurse (Wescott)

Photo of Mrs. Jennifer Murnick

Mrs. Jennifer Murnick

5th Grade Teacher

Photo of Ms. Samantha Nadel

Ms. Samantha Nadel

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Mrs. Trisha Palzet

Mrs. Trisha Palzet

2nd Grade Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Connie Park

Mrs. Connie Park

EL Teacher (Wescott)

Photo of Mr. Robert Pittman

Mr. Robert Pittman

Band Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Rachel Pollera

Mrs. Rachel Pollera

Student Services Coordinator

I received my B.S. in Education from the University of Delaware majoring in Elementary ...

Photo of Ms. Amber Price

Ms. Amber Price

Speech & Language Pathologist

Photo of Mrs. Rebecca Prince

Mrs. Rebecca Prince

EL Teacher

Photo of Ms. Nicole Rohn

Ms. Nicole Rohn

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Kathryn Schmeckpeper

Mrs. Kathryn Schmeckpeper

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Ellen Schulte

Mrs. Ellen Schulte

Speech Language Pathologist

Ms. Anna Shabelman

Learning Specialist

Photo of Mrs. Courtney Sislow

Mrs. Courtney Sislow

4th Grade Teacher

BA Elementary Education, The University of Iowa;MA Reading, Benedictine University

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Ms. Jamie Solomon

Speech and Language Pathologist

Photo of Ms. Xenia Stamoudis

Ms. Xenia Stamoudis

2nd Grade Teacher

Degree(s): Eastern Illinois University National Louis University/Reading Recove...

Photo of Mrs. Jessica Thiergart

Mrs. Jessica Thiergart

4th Grade Teacher

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Ms. Emily Ticho

School Psychologist

Photo of Mrs. Barbara Wierzchon

Mrs. Barbara Wierzchon

Reading Specialist

Photo of Mrs. Lisa Wolf

Mrs. Lisa Wolf

5th Grade Teacher

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Northeastern Illinoi...