2013-2014 Year in Review

Thank you to all our volunteers and community members for helping make this a wonderful year for our children and the Wescott PTO. The PTO's goals this year were to streamline our efforts and resources and to concentrate on community building events and fundraisers. Thanks to all of you, we were able to accomplish these goals.

With your support, the PTO raised over $30,000 in 2013-2014. 

Fundraising Highlights:

  • General Goodwill Donation: $1,500
  • Walk for Wescott: $6,400
  • Monster Mash: $3,400
  • Book Fairs: $4,300
  • Adult Social: $12,500
  • Shopping Card Program: $1,500
  • Wrapping Paper: $1,200
  • Birthday Signs: $3,000

PTO's Contributions to Wescott School, Students, and Community:

Because of your support and contributions, we were able to put this money to good use for our children. The PTO was able to present Wescott with a special $12,000 donation to purchase:

  • SmartBoards for 4 rooms
  • Ceiling mounted projector for the MPR
  • Large screen monitor for the music room.

The PTO also sponsored the following:

  • Artists in Residence: $3,600
  • Cultural Arts Program: $4,700
  • (which included the Big Run Wolf Assembly)
  • Greg Tang Math Assembly: $2,200
  • Family Picnic: $2,700
  • Charitable donation to Sister School in Burbank, Illinois: $900
  • Charitable donation to Soles for Souls: $640

In addition, the PTO provided for the following annual programs/purchases:

  • Great Books Program
  • Teacher/Staff Hospitality
  • 5th Grade Luncheon
  • 5th Grade Show Lighting
  • Gifts to Retiring Teachers/Staff
  • Blue Ribbon Signage and other aesthetic improvements to school

We hope that you will continue to support the PTO's Programs in years to come and thank you again for your contributions and support this year.

Enjoy your summer and we look forward to next year!

-The Wescott PTO