From the Principal

Principal high five with a student
Principal playing the saxophone
Principal selfie with students

Wescott School is home to approximately 500 wonderful students in grades kindergarten through five. Our school has repeatedly been ranked in the top ten lists of best schools in Cook County by various local media such as Chicago Magazine and the Chicago Tribune. We have been honored twice, in 2013 and 2022, with the National Blue Ribbon School Award. High academic expectations and standards are set by the faculty and reinforced at home by a highly involved and supportive parent community. While we are very proud of the academic recognition we receive, we are equally proud of the commitment we make to educating the whole child and developing students who become caring citizens.

Our motto is ‘One Big Family’ where everyone is included. The school day starts with our primary students cheering for the day to begin and intercom announcements led by students in which they comment on positive actions they see others doing or give suggestions how to show good character. Classical and jazz music plays in the hallway as background to the warm and welcoming feeling that comes from our faculty and student citizens. 
We have tried to include all the information you might want to know about our school as a parent, student, and visitor to the site. In addition, you can look up email addresses and voice mail numbers of our staff members or use the links to go to their webpages. We welcome your participation in our community of learners.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and thank you for visiting Wescott School's website.


Dr. Christopher M. Brown

Mrs. Kathryn Compagno
Assistant Principal