Wescott PTO Committees

Parents interested in becoming involved and volunteering on any of the committees can do so by contacting the PTO via wescottpto@district30.org (email).

Thank you, we appreciate your involvement!

Responsible for the coordination of a Wescott PTO event. May include publicizing the event, collecting money, organizing volunteers, ordering food and/or supplies and running/overseeing the event.

Responsible for Wescott PTO activities that run for part of the year or the entire year.

Responsible for attending various meetings throught the year and keeping the Wescott PTO informed of pertinent information/events.

Wescott PTO Committees Guidelines and Reminders
Lower Board Chair Position descriptions

Event Committees

Book Fair

Christina Margolis & McKenzie Gratz

The book fair committee is responsible for coordinating and organizing this bi-annual event.

Their tasks include working with the book company, publicity, recruiting and scheduling volunteers for setup, sales and take down, and running the event.


Family Picnic
Julie Cameron & Emily DeSmidt


The Family Picnic is an annual spring event which invites families to "picnic and play" at Wescott School and field.


The committee chairs are responsible for devising a plan/budget for the event, securing food vendors and entertainment, organizing sub-committees and volunteers, running the event, and clean up.

Fifth Grade Luncheon

Janelle Duthie

The The Fifth Grade Luncheon takes place at the end of the school year and serves as a send-off for the fifth grade class.

This committee is in charge of the food, decorations, DVD, games and memory wall for the celebration.

International Walk to School Day

Amanda Hamber & Lauren Edwards

This committee is responsible for planning and executing the annual Wescott community event at school that includes costume contests, games, activities, music and dancing.

Monster Mash

Jen Hayley & Shal Shah

This committee is responsible for planning and executing the annual Wescott community event at school that includes costume contests, games, activities, music and dancing.

Popsicles in the Park

Jessica Gorelick & Halley Winer 

This committee organizes a free event for incoming Wescott and Willowbrook first grade students to meet up with their friends from last year.

The event will be hosted by Willowbrook and take place shortly after school starts in the fall.

Walk for Wescott

Amanda Hamner
Lauren Edwards

This annual fundraiser occurs during a school day in October. Committee responsibilities include planning and promoting the event, designing the annual banner and collecting donations from the Wescott community.

Welcome Back Luncheon

Amanda Neidhardt, Jacqui Siegel, & Pamela Manicioto

The Welcome Back Luncheon is for the Wescott teachers and administrative staff to kick off the new school year.

It is designed to be a "thank you" from the PTO to the teachers and staff during their back to school week prior to the official start of school.

This committee plans, acquires food/desserts, sets up, participates in, and breaks down this event.

Wescott Madness

Parties and Raffles:


Wescott Madness is a PTO fundraiser that emphasizes community and fun. Parties and special events aimed at both students and parents are made available through the generous contributions of Wescott teachers and parents.

The Raffles Committee runs the student-focused part of Wescott Madness. This committee works with the principal and staff to develop a list of donated events and parties, sells raffle tickets to students, and announces the winners.

The Parties Committee organizes the parent-focused part of Wescott Madness. This committee recruits parents to donate events and parties, sells spots to the events and parties via email blasts, and works with the PTO Treasurer to bill and collect payments.

Standing Committees

Birthday Signs

Randi W 

The birthday signs fundraiser lets you surprise your child with a lawn full of “Happy Birthday from Wescott” signs (currently 25 signs for $25) on their special day. The committee members set up the signs the night before your requested date, and take them down the day after.

Car Magnets

Erin Gilman
Pamela Manicioto

This  committee handles the sale of Wescott car magnets, a fun way to show your school pride! These are available for $10 each.

Baking Committee

Nancy Finder 

This committee is responsible for providing homemade or store bought baked good or fruit for various Wescott events throughout the school year. Committee duties include the baking or purchase of goods, outreach to the Wescott community for additional support and coordinating the delivery of items to the needed locations.

Cultural Arts

Carrie Mangoubi & Amanda Neidhardt 

This committee is responsible for bringing a variety of performing arts programming to the school and classrooms.

It selects quality cultural and educational programs for students.  The committee members attend the annual "Showcase" where presenters and performers audition and are available for questions and bookings.

This position works closely with the principal.

Directory / Membership


The recording secretary is responsible for compiling the PTO family membership list information and assists in the publication of the District 30 annual directory.

Special Lunch/Food Days

Tristen Springer & Jacqui Siegel

The food days are the PTO sponsored Wednesday special lunches.

This committee works under the guidance of the second vice-president in charge of food days.

The responsibilities of this committee include ordering the food, organizing the volunteers, and running the actual food day.

Ice Cream Days

Carrie Mangoubi

This committee is responsible for ordering the treats, organizing the volunteers and running the actual day once per month.

Helping Hands


Helping Hands is committed to serve the neighboring communities by integrating resources for anyone in need. We try to instill and encourage the value of giving to our Wescott Community and for families to have the opportunity to participate with providing such events/activities.

Past projects have included collecting canned food for the Northfield Food Pantry, creating Valentines for Veterans, and organizing a blood drive.


Ali Greene & Sara Lieb

This committee organizes receptions and provides refreshments at various PTO and Wescott functions, including the “Welcome Back” luncheon, the teacher appreciation luncheon, Welcome Night for incoming first grade families and the fifth grade play receptions.

Committee duties include planning, contacting bakers and set-up and clean-up at the events.

Room Parents

Lina Nudera & Halley Winer

Room Parents are responsible for organizing classroom parties, recruiting field trip volunteers and the running the field day lunch period.  They maintain contact with the classroom teacher to discuss any needs or preferences the teacher might have for these activities.

This committee is responsible for the selection of room parents prior to the beginning of the school year. Committee members organize the room parent folders and hold an informational meeting shortly after the beginning of the year.  They also send out reminder emails throughout the year to alert room parents of upcoming classroom parties and events.

School Supplies

Maria Redmann

The school supplies committee is responsible for working with School Tool Box, a company which offers grade-level school supply boxes delivered to your door.

Committee members are responsible for obtaining the finalized school supply list from Wescott in the spring and then work with School Tool Box to offer these items through online sales.

School supply boxes are available for purchase from May through August.

Social Chair

Carolyn Shoemaker & Laura Obrien

The Wescott PTO Social Committee aims to foster socialization and community by organizing a variety of fun, interesting events for Wescott parents and guardians. The Social Committee will be responsible for planning and coordinating activities that will bring us together simply to 'mix and mingle.'


Erin Gilman & Pamela Manicioto

This committee is responsible for organizing the sale of items with the Wescott logo.

Committee members research and interview companies that sell personalized products, develop order forms to include in the Wescott Word, set up samples, collect the orders and money and distribute the items.

There is generally a fall sale and a spring sale.


Fumi Horner & Stephanie McGuinness

This committee is responsible for collecting photographs throughout the school year and working with a yearbook company to create a yearbook available for distribution in the spring.

Payment for the book is due at the beginning of the school year.

This committee is responsible for the sale as well as the creation of the yearbook.


Katie Voss & Kinga Sliwa

This committee oversees the PTO page of Wescott's website.  It's responsibilities include working closely with the PTO upper board members to ensure that content of the PTO page is current and accurate.

international night

Amanda Niedhardt

This committee plans the Wescott International Night and coordinates parent volunteers to represent countries.


Korean Liaison

Irene Roh

This committee serves as a liaison between the PTO and the Korean-American Parent Organization (KAPO).

Lew Blond 5K Run


This committee serves as a liaison between Wescott and the Lew Blond Run Committee. Its duties include notifying the Wescott PTO of planning issues and seeking involvement in the event from Wescott families.

Diverse Book Committee

Vida Gosrisirikul & Tiffany Tain

This committee reviews and recommends diverse books for Wescott's library and assists in bringing diverse authors to the school.