About the LMC

Mission Statement
Building a community of lifelong readers, learners and creative thinkers who seek out knowledge and contribute to the world of ideas.

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:40-12:15 and 1:00-3:20

Flexible Schedule:  Wescott operates on a flexible library schedule. Most weeks students come to library for a 30 minute library lesson.  However, during research projects classes might come to library several times during the week, and other grade levels might change their library day to accommodate research. Classes are scheduled based on collaboration between the classroom teacher and library media specialist. Through flexible scheduling, information literacy skills are integrated into the school's curriculum at the point of need. A flexible schedule provides the opportunity to spend several consecutive days working on a class project.

Check Out:  Students in 1st grade are allowed to have a maximum of 2 books on their account.  Books may be checked out for a one week period.  Students in grades 2nd through 5th are allowed a maximum of three books on their account, and the books are due in 2 weeks.  Exceptions are made based on classroom needs. Students in 3rd through 5th grades may check out one audiobook at a time, which is due in 1 week.  If an item is not on hold for another student, it may be renewed. Students are encouraged to make a quick trip to the library individually or in small groups throughout the day whenever they need to check out books, provided they have permission from their classroom teacher.

Overdue Books & Lost or Damaged Books: Overdue notices are printed on Wednesdays. Students with overdue items may not check out additional books until a parent/guardian signs the overdue slip or a signed note from home lets us know more time is needed to locate the items. If after several months the library materials aren't returned, then the library will ask for payment. If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair we will send a note home along with payment due.  We order our books with processing from our vendor, so we ask that you do not replace the books yourself.

Online Subscription Resources: Wescott subscribes to a variety of online resources. These may be accessed directly from the Online Library Catalog link on our library website. Usernames and passwords are required to log in from home.

Volunteers: We welcome parent volunteers interested in helping in our library. Duties may vary from day to day, but in most cases volunteers will be asked to help shelve books, stamp date due cards, and interact with students who need help selecting books. In the past, parents checked out books to students. However, we have a new automation system this year and are slowly introducing others to the check out process.  Since our schedule is flexible, it is not possible to guarantee parents a fixed time when their children are in the library. First grade usually has the same weekly schedule, but even that can occasionally change based on our scheduling needs and the length of time we need for planned activities.  If you are interested in helping, please contact the librarian, Margaret Janavicius.

Birthday Book Club: The PTO sponsors Wescott's Birthday Book Club. Every month the PTO Birthday Book Chairperson sends letters home to families of students who have birthdays that month. Parents are offered an opportunity to make a monetary donation to the library in honor of their child's birthday. Any amount is welcome. The monthly list of students is then sent to the librarian who allows students to select one of our new books and have their name placed in it on a bookplate.