Wescott PTO Fundraising

The primary objective of the Wescott PTO is to coordinate and organize fundraising activities to provide for additional educational programs, equipment and other resources at Wescott School. Thanks to our generous community and hard working parents, the PTO has donated many items to Wescott over the past six years, including the following:

  • Teacher’s Lounge updates including; new cabinets and counter tops, fridges, microwaves, couch, and highboy coffee table and chairs
  • Flexible furniture to modernize classrooms
  • Basketball hoops for the gym (combined with a donation from Lew Blond Memorial)
  • Classroom set of VR (Virtual Reality) glasses and equipment to incorporate with the Science Program
  • iPads for 1st/2nd Grade Classroom Centers
  • 4 Standing Desks for our more active learners
  • Elmo Presenters for Resource Rooms
  • LCD Projectors for Resource Rooms
  • Digital Cameras
  • Bike Racks
  • Folding Chairs and Storage Dolly
  • Interactive White Boards for classrooms
  • Stage Pieces
  • 50th Anniversary Welcome Mat
  • Motorized Screen and Projector for gym
  • Large Screen for MPR.

In addition to the specific gifts listed above, the money raised through the PTO supports the Cultural Arts Program, Assemblies, Great Books, and so many more enriching activities every school year.

The PTO also uses funds raised to help unify the community and celebrate our achievements. Specifically, the PTO sponsors all luncheons honoring our children and staff, including the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and 5th Grade Luncheon. In addition, the PTO hosts receptions welcoming new parents to the community and provides gifts on behalf of the community to departing teachers and staff as a token of our appreciation.

How Gifts are Selected:

At the end of every school year, the Wescott Principal and Staff provide a Wish List of items or programs they think will improve the children's education at Wescott. The list evolves throughout the year as needs arise. The PTO then meets and votes on the proposed gifts in May. All members of the PTO are invited to be a part of this process.