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One to One Computing in District 30

Student using a tabletDistrict 30 believes that technology plays an important role in the learning process for students. Technology can connect students to learning in new ways and also empower them to seek out knowledge and contribute to the world of ideas. As a district, we strive to equip students with the tools necessary to develop critical 21st century learning skills.

It is in this spirit this Northbrook / Glenview School District 30 is excited to share One + One = D30 -- a digital learning program, bringing a one-to-one learning environment into third through eighth grade classrooms in our district. This educational initiative will impact teachers and students alike, and is a collaborative opportunity between all of our schools, as we work together on integration and practice. The project began in November, 2012.

One + One = D30 is intended to bridge the gap between how traditional classrooms function and what is considered best instruction in today’s “wired” culture. Through the mindful integration of technology and the use of a one-to-one device (the iPad), students will have learning opportunities that would not have been possible before. These opportunities can allow teachers to bring students deeper into a topic and to take them farther.

Students have been given a device that travels home with them and is available to them during every subject and lesson. The iPad is a device that is capable of connecting to information, creating new learning products, and communicating with teachers and classmates at any time. It is also a simple, intuitive device that will not require a steep learning curve. Students will have the opportunity to help change the definition of the classroom, from a single room at a single time, to a more immersive environment.

In the classroom, the iPad is used to connect students with new reading and writing opportunities, online learning resources and personal learning tools for keeping themselves organized and communicating with teachers. The device is used throughout the day to enhance the curriculum and the rigorous classroom work that all of our students are doing.

It is very important to stress that all of the technology integrated in the classrooms does not supplant the core learning skills already being addressed through our curriculum. Instead, these tools allow students to learn the foundations and beyond through the powerful use of technology.

The most current iPad Handbook is available at this link, as well as on InfoSnap and our parent resource site.

To access more information and important documents, visit our parent resource site here.