iPad Insurance Program

Northbrook / Glenview School District 30 provides, as part of our curriculum fee, a program to assist with the repair and replacement of any damaged iPads in our 1:1 program. This program protects the iPad against accidental damage (drops/spills), theft, vandalism, fire, flood, and natural disasters. This program will provide replacement cost coverage and protect the iPad on and off school grounds.

The District 30 plan covers “accidental damage” to the device and is designed to limit a family’s financial responsibilities for any damages as described in the protection plan section below. This plan does not cover damage to or loss of iPad covers, chargers or cords. Lost iPads are not covered as well.

Printable Copy of The Insurance Document

Program Fee / Coverage

  • Annual Premium: Covered in district curriculum fee
  • Limit Liability: $400
  • Coverage: Repair / Replacement of school issued iPad and case.

Effective Coverage / Expiration Dates

  • Effective Date: Based on the receipt of signed agreement.
  • Expiration Date: Last day of school or date of un-enrolllment


  • Accidental Damage: Pays for accidental damage caused by liquid spills, drops, or any other unintentional event.
  • Theft: Pays for loss due to theft; the claim requires a police report to be filed.
  • Fire: Pays for damage to the iPad due to fire; the claim must be accompanied by an official Fire report from the investigating authority.
  • Electrical Surge: Pays for damage to the device due to an electrical surge.
  • Natural Disasters: Pays for accidental loss or damage caused by natural disasters.


  • Dishonest, Fraudulent, Intentional, Negligent (not locked / stored in an unsecured manner, or location) or Criminal acts: Will not pay if damage or loss occurs in conjunction with a dishonest, fraudulent, intentional, negligent or criminal act. The student will be responsible for the full amount of the repair / replacement.
  • Consumables: USB cables, AC adapter, or software.
  • Cosmetic damage that does not affect the functionality of the device. This includes but is not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic ports or port covers.
  • Jailbreaking or otherwise voiding the manufacturer’s warranty by altering the software.

Annual Premium and Deductible Per Claim

Repair Costs

Repair (no need to replace iPad)

$50 for first incident, $75 for subsequent incidences

Unrepairable Damage

$150 for first incident, additional incidents on a case by case basis

Stolen (police report must be filed)

$150 for first incident, additional incidents on a case by case basis

Replacement Costs  
Lightning Cable $10 each
USB Power Adapter $10 each
STM iPad Case $35
Lost iPad $300

Sign-up for this program will be available as part of the online registration process.