Board Members

Photo of Mrs. Zivit Blonder

Mrs. Zivit Blonder

Board of Education Member

Zivit Blonder joined the school board in April of 2019. She and her husband Steve moved...

Photo of Mr. Keith Karchmar

Mr. Keith Karchmar

Board of Education Member

Keith Karchmar and his wife Taryn have lived in Northbrook since 2007.  His son an...

Photo of Mrs. Pamela Manicioto

Mrs. Pamela Manicioto

Board of Education Member

Pamela Manicioto joined the school board in April 2023. She and her husband, Vito, have...

Photo of Mr. Ammar Rizki

Mr. Ammar Rizki

Board of Education Vice Preisdent

Ammar Rizki joined the school board in April 2019. He and his wife Sonia have lived in ...

Photo of Mr. Patrick Wang

Mr. Patrick Wang

Board of Education Member

Patrick Wang joined the District 30 Board of Education in April 2023. He and h...

Photo of Dr. Stephanie Yohannan

Dr. Stephanie Yohannan

Board Member

Dr. Stephanie Yohannan joined the school board in 2021. Stephanie moved to Glenview in ...

Photo of Mr. Jeff Zuercher

Mr. Jeff Zuercher

Board of Education President

Jeff Zuercher and his wife Grace have lived in Glenview for 15 years.  His three c...