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Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy

As students use technology more and more for communication, entertainment and learning, it becomes more and more critical that students learn to recognize the risks that exist online, as well as learn how to use the information that they find in responsible ways. We hope that the following resources are great tools for families to use at home, when discussing safe and responsible behavior online:

Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying:

Respecting Your Digital Identity:

Social Networking Tips:

  • Net Aware Reviews - a guide for parents to learn about all of the popular social media kids are using every day. It's really detailed with what features are available on each and potential danger to kids using them.
  • Digital Safety Tips - tips on keeping kids safe online, social media and password safety. It covers all of the common safety issues on one post.
  • Five common sense social networking rules for kids
  • Facebook's safety tips for teens.
  • Spawned Podcast Featuring a great chat about Kids and Email

Gaming and Minecraft:

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is a terrific provider of digital citizenship curriculum —an excellent resource for students, parents, and teachers alike to learn about social and digital media issues. You may find these Common Sense Media resources particularly useful:

Below are some additional resources for specific popular social media sites.