End of Year iPad Backup

Any items you would like to save on your iPad should be backed up to Google Drive. A YouTube weblink with step-by-step tutorials has been pushed to your ipad to help you through each step below.

Step 1: Check for the newest iOS software update (iOS 8.3)

Step 2: Saving All Documents to Google Drive

  1. Create a Google Drive folder (example folders “2014-15 Portfolio” or “5th Grade Portfolio”)
  2. Upload any work that you want to save to this folder including Projects, Movies, Artwork, Documents (essays, writing, notability files)

Backing up Notability:

  1. Create a folder in Google Drive named “2014-15 Notability Back-up”
  2. Open the note you want to save, click (top left corner)
  3. Choose Google Drive (you may need to sign in)
  4. Select the folder you created above
  5. Click Send to Google Drive (Blue button)
  6. Continue with any other notes you wish to save. 

Export any iMovies or paintings to the camera roll

  • See youtube tutorial on your ipad

Saving School Photos/Videos:

  1. Delete any photos you do not need
  2. Create a Google Drive folder for any images named “2014-15 Ipad Photos”
  3. Once in the folder: + and upload photos/videos to your drive.
  4. Once they are in Google Drive delete all images/videos from the ipad.

If you have questions please find a tech team member at school to assist you.