Speech and Language Services

District 30 employs speech and language pathologists at all of our schools. These professionals evaluate, diagnose, and provide therapy services to improve articulation, receptive language, expressive language, voice, fluency, and pragmatics. Services may be provided through the Multi Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) or an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Universal speech screenings are administered in Kindergarten and 2nd grade, with language screenings per parent or teacher request. Following these screenings, parents will be notified if there are concerns. At times, developmental speech errors are noted, and a re-screening may be recommended.

For all other grades, and at any time, teachers or parents may also request speech-language screenings. If you are concerned about your child's speech and/or language development, please contact a speech pathologist at your school or your child's classroom teacher.  A brief screening will be conducted after parent constent is obtained. The parents and classroom teacher will be contacted with the results of the screening. If the screening shows that your child may need speech/language therapy, an evaluation will then be conducted.

Resources for Parents