Student Services in District 30

The Student Services Department provides educational services and supports to ensure that we, as a District, fulfill our mission to meet the educational needs of all of our students and assist them in achieving their potential as learners.  To accomplish this goal, student services provides programming in special education, early intervening services through the District’s Response to Intervention (RtI) program, Health Services, and English Language Learning (ELL) instruction.  Currently, there are 32 language groups represented at District 30 schools.

Learning is a highly complex, multi-layered interpersonal activity that requires a student to be able to access their educational environment, demonstrate their knowledge, and apply that knowledge in a meaningful way.  For students with exceptionalities, those learning tasks often require additional supports, such as specialized instruction, therapeutic interventions, and social emotional guidance in order to achieve alongside their grade-level peers.  These services are provided to District 30 students as needed in the least restrictive environment, so that all of our students enjoy the rich educational experiences offered at all three of our school buildings:  Maple, Wescott, and Willowbrook

Each student’s learning requirements are unique and in order to meet the diverse needs of our student population, Student Services works together with Curriculum and Instruction, Technology, and Business and Operations to provide our programming. Our services are delivered by specially trained personnel including ELL teachers, special education teachers, special education paraprofessionals, speech/language pathologists, school social workers, school psychologists, health office personnel, occupational therapy, and contracted physical therapy services. Through aligned curricular design, assistive technology, and appropriately equipped learning environments, all students have the same opportunities for growth and development.

Essential to accomplishing our goals, the district will:

  • Conduct effective child find activities to identify students suspected of having a disability;
  • Provide identified students with individualized educational plans through a full continuum of services and placement options;
  • Educate students in the least restrictive environment;
  • Promote a sense of belonging within each student in his or her educational environment;
  • Facilitate collaborative partnerships between regular and special education;
  • Provide staff with the necessary resources needed to deliver comprehensive educational services;
  • Provide ongoing staff development for all teachers, paraprofessionals, related service staff, and administrators; and
  • Promote community awareness and collaboration in educational program development.

Northbrook/Glenview School District 30 employs a highly qualified staff of special education teachers, social workers, psychologists, speech and language pathologists, health office personnel and paraprofessionals to deliver the educational programming encompassed within Student Support Services.

The Director of Student Services also acts as District 30's Nondescrimination Coordinator and Title IX Coordinator. Required Title IX information is accessible on our website.