Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR)


The Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) is the state assessment and accountability measure for Illinois students enrolled in a public school district.  IARassesses progress of students in grades 3-8 in meeting the Illinois Learning Standards in English Language Arts and mathematics.


How many tests will my child take?  How long is each test?

English Language Arts
Grade 3—2 tests (75 minutes each)
Grades 4-8--2 tests (90 minutes each)


Grades 3-8—3 tests (60 minutes each)


When will the IAR be administered?
The state of Illinois establishes a testing window for spring testing.  Once this window has been announced by the state, it will be posted on the District website.


How is the IAR administered?
The IAR is computer-based.  Students will use district devices such as iPads.  


How is IAR scored?
The majority of the questions are computer scored by the state.  The writing portion of the ELA test and the reasoning portions of the math test are assessed by trained state scorers using a rubric.


How are the results of the tests used?
District administrators, coordinators and specialists, and teachers work together to examine the results.  Data from the assessment provides the school district with information on student learning, which allows for continuous improvement of our educational programs.


Participation in State Assessments- IAR