2021-22 School Reopening Plan Hearing

2021-22 School Reopening Plan Hearing

In compliance with federal requirements for districts receiving ARP ESSER funds, the Board of Education will hold a 2021-22 School Reopening Plan Hearing at their July 15 meeting at 7:30 p.m. 

This fall, District 30 is looking forward to welcoming all students to full, in-person classes. Operations will be as normal as possible following required mitigation measures that are expected to include masks (IDPH/CDC guidance includes masks for unvaccinated individuals), frequent hand washing/sanitizing, and social distancing of 3’ or more for Wescott’s K-5, Willowbrook’s PreK-5, & Maple’s 6-8. 

For the fall, we currently anticipate:

  • Returning to master schedules for five days a week of in-person instruction
  • Reviewing bell schedules and bus schedules to accommodate a full return to in-person learning
  • Expanding lunch capacity, offering lunch options while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for students
  • Exploring and implementing needed social-emotional support that responds to COVID-19 impacts, including establishing routines and services to assist students in their return to school
  • Monitoring health and vaccine updates from the township and state
  • Exploring COVID-19 screening and diagnostic testing pilots

We were informed on July 9, 2021, that the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is aligning health guidance with new CDC guidance for schools. We will incorporate what we learn into Thursday’s discussion and into our plans for the fall. Of course, school operations will continue to evolve up to and throughout the school year.