Northbrook / Glenview School District 30

Inclusion Statement

District 30 exists to create a community that craves learning, fosters resilience and cares deeply about every student.  We embrace all aspects of diversity and its contributions to learning.  Equitable access, representation, and participation in educational opportunities generate the most effective learning environment for ALL students and prepares students to become global citizens.  We do not tolerate racism, hate, or other discriminatory actions.

We Commit to...

  • Sharing our purpose / goal repeatedly and consistently.
  • Including training and support for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within our ongoing professional development.
  • Becoming familiar with the varying socio-cultural histories and experiences.
  • Engaging in age-appropriate discussions in response to literature and current events regarding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within our classrooms.
  • Continually examining assumptions of stereotypes and prejudices in age-appropriate ways.
  • Recruiting a diverse candidate pool with a focus on hiring and retaining the most talented and capable individuals.
  • Assuring inclusivity of all students and staff.
  • Addressing racism, hate, or other discriminatory actions within our schools.
  • Measuring the impact of our strategic Social-Emotional Learning actions.


Click here for more information on our District 30 2022-23 Equity Evaluation and our ongoing progress.