Fitness Club

Meeting Time: 7:15 am - 8:15 am  

Meeting Location: Fitness Center  

Begins: 9/1/2022

Club Sponsor: Mr. Kitt Kopach

Club Description: Students will have one-morning session per week of supervised access to the Maple Fitness Center. Students of all fitness levels will learn to set realistic goals, track individual progress, and actively participate in a variety of workouts based on individual student interests. Students will also learn about health, wellness, and nutritional information.

Please check the Maple Athletics Calendar for all club meeting dates. The day of the week students will meet may change each week, but never the time. This helps to ensure that even when school weeks are shortened due to district holidays, non-attendance days, etc., students will still have the opportunity to continue to improve their overall health and wellness. The morning times allow for fewer after-school activity conflicts and help jumpstart students' days through physical activity.

Students are still required to participate in their regularly scheduled P.E. and/or Health classes. Students should monitor their own exertion levels to maintain a healthy status without causing injury due to overuse. Students are encouraged to bring a change of clothes or use an extra set of P.E. clothing (uniform). Locker rooms will be accessible at 7:15 am (if/when available under current guidelines) when the club is expected to meet. The same rules/expectations for the locker rooms will be followed just as they are for after-school athletics/activities. Any issues regarding negative attitudes, poor behavior, or misuse of locker room facilities will result in a referral to building administrators to have the issue discussed. All the same rules/expectations for P.E. and after-school athletics/activities will be followed while students are members of the Fitness Club.

Attendance will be taken each session, but there is no need to report absences to Mr. Kopach. Upon arrival at Maple, students should use the Activity Doors located by the PE/BOC corridor on the East side of the building. Upon entry to the building, students are expected to report to their appropriate locker room to change or report directly to the Fitness Center if they are already appropriately dressed for physical activity. Students should not be walking through the hallways after 7:15 am, except for heading to the previously stated areas. Students will have twenty minutes to change, report to the Cafetorium, go to their school lockers, and get to class following the conclusion of each session.

All questions should be sent along with the student and discussed in person with Mr. Kopach at the first meeting on 9/1/2022. 

If a student misses the first session, they should come to the next morning session that works with their individual calendar to discuss any questions or concerns.

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