Social Studies

Welcome to our department website!

Our Philosophy:

Social studies curriculum at Maple School focuses on supporting student growth so that our students:

  • Develop a strong content base so that students understand that the past informs the future
  • Develop local, national and global perspectives which emphasize interconnectedness among people and events
  • Build understanding of how to work to address environmental concerns and human rights issues
  •  Build understanding of how to participate in the economic development of the United States and the global community
  • Expand their ability to thrive, contribute and produce in a participatory culture that uses information/communication technologies and media literacies for collaboration and networking

Our Curriculum:

  • Sixth Grade: Students in sixth grade learn about ancient civilizations and the American Civil War. Units taught include ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Civil War.
  • Seventh Grade: Students in seventh grade learn about United States history, focusing specifically on the years 1865 – present day. Units taught include the Industrial Age, World War I, Great Depression, World War II and the Holocaust, Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, and Vietnam Conflict.
  • Eighth Grade: Students in eighth grade learn about government and the United States Constitution.  At the end of this unit, students will need to pass a test assessing their knowledge of the Constitution as mandated by the state of Illinois. For the remainder of the year, students turn their lens outward and focus on world studies. Units taught include World Religions, Modern Struggles in Africa, Conflicts and Transitions in the Middle East, 20th Century Genocides and Human Rights, Post WWII Europe, and Globalization. 

Department Members: