Digital Photography and Cinematography

Digital Photography and Cinematography

Meeting Time: Photography club will start on Thursday, September 23rd in Room 121 from 3:35 - 4:30. This will be an informational meeting, so students do not need to bring any camera equipment. It will run every Thursday.

Exceptions: we will not meet on school holidays or conference dates.

Meeting Location: Room 121

Begins: September 23rd

Club Sponsor: Ms. Michelle King-Mulvihill

Description: Digital Photography and Cinematography Club welcomes all students interested in working with photo and video editing as well as camera equipment ranging from simple digital cameras and DSLR cameras to camcorders and full-sized professional video cameras. Photoshop, AfterEffects, and FinalCut are just a few of our editing and effects tools.

Digital Photography and Cinematography Club Meetings:

We film the school musical, produce seasonal pieces, film/shoot/edit various school activities, provide photos for the yearbook, and work with our own images and video editing projects. Past projects include photography scavenger hunts, Halloween special effects and zombie photo editing, DSLR lens effects, shooting lights with blur and zoom, black-and-white effects, creating and avoiding shadows, claymation, stop motion, action photography, framing and balance activities, frame rate and aperture exercises… We schedule activities matching your interests.