Financial Guidelines 

Committee Financial Guidelines

Check to see if you have a budget for your Committee and be sure to stay within the budget. If there is a possibility of going over budget, please talk to the Co-Presidents.

Committee Chairs may collect funds prior to an event. Funds needed for start-up may be obtained from the Treasurer. All purchases should be tax-exempt; you will not be reimbursed for sales tax.

After an event, funds coming in to the PTO must be submitted to the Treasurer within 72 hours. All checks and cash should be tallied. 

Event Income

Please turn in all receipts, whether or not you would like to be reimbursed along with an itemized statement of receipts and expenses within 30 days of your event. This is needed for accurate accounting of PTO event income and costs for future planning.


Reimbursement forms and receipts may be placed in the Treasurer's box in the Maple School office or emailed directly to the Treasurer.

  1. Submit the invoice/receipt via the online Reimbursement form.
  2. If you have not received prior expense/reimbursement approval, please email the Co-Presidents to notify them that a request has been submitted for approval. Reimbursement forms supplied to your Committee may be used. Extra (printed) copies are in the PTO box in the Maple School office. They are necessary for record keeping purposes.


Please contact the Treasurer for any questions.