All Maple School students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade are eligible to
participate in a variety of sports-based activities right here at Maple School.

 Activities that students may be participating in include, but are not limited to:
Badminton, Pickleball, Kickball, Basketball, Soccer, etc.

All Intramural sessions are posted on the Athletics Calendar.

This club runs from September through November on various days of the week,
but will always meet from 7:15-8:15 am. Students may attend before Band, Orchestra, or Choir begins.

Intramural participants should meet in the East Gym upon arrivial.

Please have a prearranged ride (if not walking or riding a bike) scheduled ahead of time. All participants should enter the Athletic Doors on the East side of Maple School.

Students that arrive after 7:15 am will still be able to participate, but each session will end at 8:15 am to ensure students have time to prepare for 1st period classes.

Activities are based on the following criteria: weather conditions, availability of facilities, student interest(s), and the overall number of students participating for that day. 

Students are notified of all cancellations as soon as possible. Announcements regarding cancellations will be made during lunch or over the PA System the day before a scheduled session. Cancellation messages will also be posted on tv monitors in various locations throughout the school. The school allows for students to call home to notify their parents of any cancellations as necessary.

All questions should be sent along with the student and discussed in person with the Club Supervisor at the first meeting on 9/8/2021. 

If a student misses the first session, they should come to the next meeting of the club that works with their individual calendar to discuss any questions or concerns.

Supervisor: Kitt Kopach