6th Grade Boys' Volleyball 2024

Students are expected to maintain a minimum level of academic achievement with no more than one D or one F prior to tryouts. Students should demonstrate appropriate behavior and good sportsmanship at all times. The coach directs the team selection process. We request that you provide the coach with emergency phone numbers where you may be reached. A tentative schedule is below. In order to participate in practices or games a current physical must be on file with our school nurse. It is the student-athletes responsibility to be sure this is on file.
Please check the athletic calendar for last minute updates by clicking on the link below.
All team tryout dates, practice schedules and team schedules are on the Athletics Calendar.

Athletics Calendar

Coach:Cora Byrne
Email: Cbyrne@district30.org 

6th Grade Boys' Volleyball Roster:

Miles Bauer

Nicholas Chang

Jacob Cho

Ryder Goldberg

Grant Lien

Liam Moore

Finley Pollak

Tyler Ryan

Hudson Sellinger

Patryk Wiktorowski

Joshua Yang

Parker Zima


Shaurya Desai

There are no make-up tryout dates; the team has been determined. Unless previously discussed with the team coach due to an injury/illness/family emergency. The team coach must have been contacted prior to the first day of tryouts and approved by the Athletic Director/Administration.

All spelling of names has been based on student sign-up sheets from tryouts; errors were not done purposefully.  We apologize and will correct any spelling errors ASAP (please see/email your coach).

Regardless of the final outcome for roster spots; all student-athletes who attended a tryout at Maple throughout the year deserves the respect and support from their family, teachers, coaches and peers.  It is a great accomplishment to have gone through an entire year of preparation and we encourage all student-athletes to continue to strive towards the goals they have set for themselves.

We encourage everyone to please be supportive of both the student-athletes that made the team and to show empathy towards those that may not have made the team.  For the student-athletes that may not have made the team; there are still many other after-school activities available at Maple School.  Please continue to work towards the goals you want to accomplish in the future both on the field/court and in the classroom.  Remember everyone is a student first and an athlete second, thus the term “student-athlete”, not “athlete-student”.

Best of luck to all participants in Maple Athletics and we look forward to a great season!
Strength is in the Herd!

Team Schedule
***Subject to Change***
Please sign-up for the Maple Athletics Remind for any last minute updates or changes.

Day Date Contest Time
Tuesday 2/13/2024 Maple at Gemini 4:30PM
Wednesday 2/14/2024 Maple at NBJH  4:30PM
Tuesday  2/20/2024 Maple at Field 4:30PM
Thursday 2/29/2024 Gemini at Maple  4:30PM
Thursday  3/4/2024 Maple at Wilmette 4:30PM
Tuesday 3/5/2024 Maple at Wood Oaks 4:30PM
Monday  3/11/2024 Wood Oaks at Maple  4:30PM
Tuesday  3/12/2024 NBJH at Maple  4:30PM
Wednesday  3/13/2024 Maple at Field 4:30PM