Kindergartners Sing and Jiggle in "Jungle Jam"

Kindergartners Sing and Jiggle in "Jungle Jam"

Mr. Barker was the "king" of the kindergarten jungle on February 12! He had the kindergartners singing and jiggling during their program "Jungle Jam!" They even composed their own song in front of the parent audience! There was roaring applause in the gym. #d30learns

Willowbrook School's Kindergarten grade level show "Jungle Jam," had two performances on February 12: Rachel Hawkins, Lisa Kauth, and Sarah Lerman's classes performed in the morning. Amy Buzil, Caroline Drake, and Amy Schutz's classes performed in the afternoon.

The children's positive and seemingly unlimited energy was perfect for demonstrating the music, dances, and acting that surrounded the jungle theme, as music teacher Kurt Barker accompanied them on drums, guitar, and his own voice.

The show featured a drumming/dancing piece called "Down In the Jungle," and everyone sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."
Mr. Barker said that song has been playing in his head non-stop for weeks! Now he will sleep better tonight since he won't be rehearsing the song anymore?

They also performed a dramatic interpretation of the story "Giraffes Can't Dance," and a piece the kids composed themselves (in front of the audience) called "Water Hole Music."

The teachers even got involved acting as the giant giraffe. Mr. Barker joked that he was sure that the teachers never imagined that they would someday play a giraffe in a school show, while they were studying for their masters degrees!

At the shows' conclusions, Mr. Barker thanked the audience for their support. He also thanked the team of kindergarten teachers, and the following staff members for their contributions to the program: Carrie Bargowski, Joe Burdini, Kristi Barker, April Eichmiller, David Goss, and Kristin Sendaydiego.