Willowbrook School NEWS BRIEFS: PTO Volunteer Breakfast Will Be Served on May 24

Willowbrook School NEWS BRIEFS: PTO Volunteer Breakfast Will Be Served on May 24

On May 15, Willowbrook School's music teacher Kurt Barker (on piano) with Dave Ness on guitar, led 93 eager first-and-second-graders in their musical performance of "Alien Nations: A Space Oddity." Each class of students represented a different group of aliens, and they all wore colorful headdresses.

Willowbrook First and Second Graders Perform New Musical “Alien Nations: A Space Oddity"

On May 15, Willowbrook School's music teacher Kurt Barker (on piano) with Dave Ness on guitar, led 93 eager first-and-second-graders in their musical performance of "Alien Nations: A Space Oddity." Each class of students represented a different group of aliens, and they all wore colorful headdresses adorned with three large eyeballs.

Jody Madden's kids dressed as Purple Planners; Katie Greenwalt's class represented Green Doers; Danielle Cerami's class represented Orange Encouragers; Aimee Neumann's class represented Blue Artists/Creators; while Rachel Rabinowitz's class dressed as Red Fixers/Evaluators; and Dena Kelly's children were donned as Yellow Watchers/Wisdom.

Mr. Barker wrote this thoughtful story, the music, and lyrics, which centered on these "aliens" from different planets coming together and learning to appreciate each others' unique qualities and gifts.

His story begins on the planet Patria, where the aliens met to celebrate the coming of spring! Everyone sang the "Song of Spring," and presented a gift to the community of Patria. Each had special gifts. Unfortunately, throughout the process, they were missing the beauty that surrounded them, and there was some discontent.

"They never looked up and saw the swirling sky above them. They missed the beauty of their gifts," lamented the narrator (Mr. Barker).

The Blue explained to the other creatures that their gift was being an artist, but informed the group that if one observes closely, that there is artistry in all of them.

It was found that the Yellow were artists in how they thought and wrote about all they saw and remembered. 

The Green were artists in how they built things. The Red were artists by creatively figuring out ways to evaluate and fix things.

The Orange were artists by always finding new ways to encourage others. The Purple were artists through their careful planning and communicating.

The Blue taught everyone to see themselves as artists, to be able to see the beauty around them, and challenged them to share in their own voices, what lives inside of them.

In conclusion, everyone sang "I Am An Artist."

Mr. Barker pronounced, "The creatures did return to their own planets, but they did not live in 'Alien Nations.' After that, they would come together often, and share what they had with one another."

They worked hard on remembering how they needed each other and would celebrate how they looked and thought differently, but they also celebrated how they were - in many ways - the same. 

The finale had all of the aliens finally truly appreciating each other and their special talents.


Basketball Giant Scheyer Touches Hearts and Ceiling at Willowbrook

It's not every day a basketball giant just walks into a classroom for a friendly chat with students, teachers, and administrators.

But May 6 was a very special day for Willowbrook School kindergartners in Sarah Lerman's classroom because that is exactly what happened to them.

District 30 alum and Mr. Basketball of Illinois 2006, Jon Scheyer, joined the students and teachers, to the delight of all present, especially his nephew Blake Resnick, who is a pupil in the class.

Mr. Scheyer, whose handsome smile lit up the classroom, is now the associate head coach of the Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team.

He led Glenbrook North High School to an Illinois state basketball championship as a high-school All-American and was on the 2009-10 Duke Blue Devils team that won the 2010 NCAA Basketball Championship, as a college All-American. And. So. Much. More.

However, at Willowbrook, he towered over the excited kindergartners at 6-foot-6, dressed in shorts and a Duke jacket, and was their hero of the day!

Nephew Blake Resnick sat at his side while he spoke to the children about things that he, as a team recruiter, looks for when looking for new players.

"One must have high character. Do you listen to your teachers? Are you a good person?" he asked.

He then stressed that good grades, talent, and practice are also very important to succeed as an athlete or in any profession.

During a question-and-answer period, one student asked what his favorite number is.

Mr. Scheyer said it is 30, which was his number when he played at Duke. When he was in elementary school, he said his favorite number was 23 (Michael Jordan's number). Then later, seven was his number of choice. By the time he played basketball in college at Duke, he had chosen the number 30, and it stuck.

His mother Laury Scheyer and sister Jenifer Resnick (mother of Blake), were also in the classroom, with Principal Dr. Scott Carlson, and Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley.

The kids, with the help of teacher assistant Sara Weinstein, handed out their handmade cards to Mr. Scheyer. In return, he gave each person an autographed photo of himself on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, when the Blue Devils won the championship in 2010.

As impressed as the children were by this super athlete's myriad accomplishments, there was one thing that they kept asking him to repeat while he was in their classroom. That was to touch the ceiling simply by just stretching out his arm.

The chant, "Do it again, do it again," rang loudly throughout the room.

However, as most adults already know, it's never truly easy to reach a ceiling. It takes practice, a lot of practice.

As Mr. Scheyer left, he gave hugs and high fives, leaving behind many happy faces, filled with hope for their own futures, perhaps?

Calling all Willowbrook PTO and Lunch Volunteers!

Please join us at the PTO Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast.
Date: Friday, May 24
Time: 9-10 a.m.

Please click https://district30.wufoo.com/forms/qtpufzx0ps1nhe/ to RSVP by Tuesday, May 21.

Principal Dr. Scott Carlson
Willowbrook is celebrating National Poetry Month!

School Celebrates 50 Years 

Happy Birthday Willowbrook School!

On February 22, every grade level dressed up as a different decade. There was a parade, flag raising assembly, dances from each decade, historical video, songs, and a Jeopardy game, with questions about Willowbrook throughout the years. Enjoy all of the grade level videos by Technology Integration Specialist, Stacy Rich.

Willowbrook 50th Birthday assembly videos by Stacy Rich: https://twitter.com/i/status/1099051484786896897

Willowbrook Celebrates 50 in Style

On February 22, Willowbrook School went all out during its birthday celebration of 50 years on Happy Hollow Road in Glenview!

Principal Dr. Scott Carlson and staff members have been collecting stories from past Willowbrook teachers and alums. Classrooms were assigned decades and decorated their classrooms and themselves with paraphernalia symbolic from that particular era.

Grade level eras:
Grade 5 - 1960s
Grade 4 - 1970s
Grade 3 - 1980s
Grade 2 - 1990s
Grade 1 and Preschool - 2000s
Kindergarten - 2010s

Prior to the celebration assembly in the gymnasium, everyone enjoyed parading through the building viewing grade level door decorations and the variety of clothes designs from the past decades.

The assembly began with third-grade Flag Raisers Teddy Mikroulis, Tyler Shinsky, Nina Sikaras, Aidan Barry, Maddie Goldwin, and Sobha Singh. The audience sang "The National Anthem" and recited the "Pledge of Allegiance."

No celebration is complete without song and dance. Each grade level chose a popular dance from their decade to showcase.

Grade five did "The Twist"; Grade four performed "The Hustle"; and Grade three reenacted 80’s dance moves to Michael Jackson's "Beat It."

The younger kids enjoyed bouncing around to "The Macarena" (second grade); The "Cha Cha Slide" was performed by grade one and preschoolers; and Kindergartners concluded the series with "Can't Stop the Feeling."

A group of teachers and students then participated in "Jeopardy: Willowbrook Edition," where everyone was encouraged to try and answer questions about Willowbrook's past.

The assembly concluded on a lively note with the school song.

View photo gallery of Willowbrook's birthday celebration @ https://www.facebook.com/ngsd30?fref=ts&scrlybrkr …#d30learns


Please join us for an end of year celebration honoring 50 years of
“preparing children for life”.

1:15pm Senior Walk - Former Willowbrook students who are now graduating high school will walk the halls.
1:45pm  Closing Ceremony - Honoring past and present Willowbrook staff and students.

A reception with light refreshments to follow in the multi-purpose room.
Please RSVP to mfetzer@district.org or call 847-498-1090

Willowbrook School hosted a 50th Birthday Assembly on Friday, February 22.