Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's January 23, 2020 Board Brief

Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's January 23, 2020 Board Brief

Dear District 30 Family,

Greetings! We are looking forward to seeing everyone at conferences in a couple of weeks. 

Our last Board Meeting included the following relevant items:

Personnel Report

Sarah Elliott resigned from her Instructional Assistant (IA) position to assist with a need at Maple School. Thank you to Mrs. Elliott for stepping into our PLTW long-term substitute role. Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Kim Bass as an IA at Willowbrook, who was also approved by our Board.

Northfield Township Shared Services Intergovernmental Agreement Approved

The Board of Education unanimously approved a Shared Services Agreement that generates the opportunity for Northfield Township Schools to cooperate on Student Services programs and personnel. The Board and I thanked Ms. Schulman and our colleagues across Northfield Township for this agreement that will be explored next year and targeted for implementation in the fall of 2021.

Third Reading & Adoption of New & Revised Board Policies

District 30 revises Board Policies twice a year. Revisions and additions occur due to new legislation and the need to ensure that our policies support and align with our practices. We completed the third reading and adopted the following Board Policies revisions: 

230: Vacancies on the School Board - Filling Vacancies; 240 BOARD MEMBER CONFLICT OF INTEREST; 243 SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS - Ethics and Gift Ban; 245 BOARD OFFICERS - Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers; 245.01 BOARD OFFICERS - Duties of The President; 245.02 BOARD OFFICERS - Duties of The Vice-President; 245.03 BOARD OFFICERS - Duties of The Secretary; 270.10 SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS - School Board Meeting Procedure; 410 Payment Procedures; New Policy: 410.02 Identity Protection; 410.08 Rental of Facility; 420.03 Accounting and Audits; 500.06 GENERAL PERSONNEL - Abused and Neglected Child Reporting; New Policy: 500.07 GENERAL PERSONNEL - Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace; E-Cigarette, Tobacco, and Cannabis Prohibition; 500.08 GENERAL PERSONNEL - Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment; 500.10 GENERAL PERSONNEL - Workplace Harassment Prohibited; 500.65 GENERAL PERSONNEL - Employee Ethics; Conduct; and Conflict of Interest; 520.03 PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL - Staff Development; New Policy: 615 Home and Hospital Instruction; 720.14 STUDENT WELFARE - Administering Medicines to Students; 720.23 STUDENT WELFARE - Harassment of Students Prohibited; 720.24: STUDENT WELFARE - Prevention of and Response to Bullying; 720.29: STUDENT WELFARE - Suicide and Depression Awareness and Prevention; New Policy: 820 Community Use of School Facilities.

These policies were added to our website and our Board Policies within BoardDocs.

Continued Bus Bid Conversation

District 30 joins the other Northfield Township School Districts in addressing increasing transportation costs for next year. After finalizing a recent transportation bid process, First Student was the only bus company to provide a bid to District 30. After discussions with a parent focus group, the administration continues to work with First Student to reduce the impact on our families. The Board will continue this important conversation and officially approve the transportation bid at an upcoming meeting. 

Board Reports

Mrs. Blonder reported that the most recent Character Counts meeting included discussing partnering with the Hero Hustle and the upcoming Writing Contest. She also celebrated that Dr. Carter will receive this year’s Heart of the Family Award on Saturday, May 9, 2020, at the Family Service Center’s 2020 Spring Promise Gala at North Shore Country Club.  Congratulations to Dr. Carter on this well-deserved honor!

I discussed NSSED’s last meeting, which included reminders of upcoming forecast meetings with each district, updates on their two main goals regarding their student information system and dashboard, and the approval of several new and revised board policies. 

Our next Board Meeting will be on February 13, 2020. All are welcome!