District 30 News Briefs: Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's Year-End Update and Board of Education Report

District 30 News Briefs:  Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's Year-End Update and Board of Education Report

Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's Snow/Cold Day Year-End Update - February 15, 2019

Thank you for your continued flexibility and support as we navigate another Chicago winter. I would like to share a few facts and changes regarding the end of this school year, knowing that the following information could change at any time.

  • Tuesday, May 28: Eighth-grade graduation scheduled at Glenbrook South High School and the last day of attendance for eighth-graders

  • Thursday, May 30: Maple’s last day of student attendance because Maple’s construction project requires District 30 to prepare for and maintain the demolition date of June 5 for the existing Maple School

  • Friday, May 31: Wescott and Willowbrook’s last day of student attendance with closing ceremonies at the end of a full day of school

  • Tuesday, June 4: Last day for staff attendance

All public schools in Illinois are required to have 176 student-attendance days.

  • If our elementary students are in attendance without our middle school students, the day still counts as an attendance day

  • Friday, May 31 represents District 30’s 177th student-attendance day

  • Our early-release School Improvement Days count as attendance days

As it is only February 15, with more winter ahead of us, please realize that the ending dates at our elementary schools could continue to shift. The middle school schedule is expected to remain as outlined above.

We will communicate plans for June 3 and June 4 as they are finalized.

Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's January 24 Board of Education Meeting Update

Our last Board of Education meeting included the following relevant items:

Middle School Science Pilot 2018

An engaging Middle School Science Pilot presentation was shared by Mrs. Robin Dombeck, Mrs. Kery Obradovich, Mrs. Leora Kurtz, and Mrs. Kristen Leverso. Our colleagues painted a clear picture of the tremendous learning opportunities across District 30 by highlighting the Unlimited STEM Conference, the strong inquiry-based activities, and a recently added course to the PLTW program, Medical Detectives.

e-PD Day

Dr. Hirsch briefly reflected on the successful e-PD day that occurred on January 30, 2019. She summarized activities completed along with the avenues for reflection that were available to staff. The Board shared their appreciation for the innovation of our curriculum team. Dr. Wegley added his gratitude for the staff’s professionalism and commitment to complete these activities as well.

First Reading of New & Revised Board Policies

District 30 revises Board Policies twice a year. Revisions and additions occur due to new legislation and the need to ensure that our policies support and align with our practices.