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District 30's Environmental Awareness Committee News

District 30's Environmental Awareness Committee News


District 30’s Environmental Awareness Committee (EAC) mission statement is to "promote responsibility to improve and preserve the environment." 

The Environmental Awareness Committee “Celebrates Earth Day Every Day.” 



The EAC has been an integral part of the school community for over 24 years.  Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Melissa E. Hirsch, has been working with a committed group of individuals by developing and initiating environmental activities district-wide. 

The EAC’s goals include supporting environmental activities at the schools and re-affirming sustainable practices in the lunchrooms. In addition, the committee’s focus is on continuing to build and maintain school gardens for conservation at  Wescott and Willowbrook School.


• Upholding the no-idling rule during drop-off and pick-up at the schools

• Celebrating, supporting, and promoting Earth Day, America Recycles Day, Green Apple Day of Service, and  Walk and Bike to School Days

• Maintaining the prairie garden at Wescott School, as its plant species continue to enhance aesthetic and butterfly attractiveness. The group is also managing the butterfly and pollinating insect conservation gardens at Wescott and Willowbrook (new spring 2018) Schools.

• Hosting a pumpkin recycling and composting activity following Halloween for the past two years.

Other actions that have taken place to help raise environmental consciousness include the recycling of electronic equipment, clothing, books, and shoes at the schools. Earth Day assemblies and Arbor Day celebrations also help educate and promote sustainability at our schools.

Electronics Recycling Information at the Village of Northbrook - May 2020

Did you know that electronics cannot be thrown out in the trash or regular recycling? The Village of Northbrook offers two free electronics recycling events a month, but the program is temporarily postponed until Stay-At-Home Orders are lifted.

If you're spring cleaning, we ask that you hold onto your old electronics a little longer or look into reputable companies offering e-recycling. Let's do our part to keep electronics out of landfills! ♻️

Download the flyer here:…/Vi…/3621/Electronics-Recycling-Update

Electronics Recycling Information at the Village of Glenview/SWANCC - May 2020

The Saturday Electronics Collection is OPEN.



The Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) provides environmentally-responsible recycling programs for end-of-life computers and electronics for residents of its member communities. In 2012, Illinois adopted legislation that prohibits landfilling of "Covered and Eligible Electronic Devices" which are included under the Acceptable Materials list on the right. Under the Illinois Environmental Protection Act, there is a limit of 7 items per household and no electronics can be accepted from municipalities, schools, businesses, or institutions.

Small household appliances, such as toasters, blenders, coffee makers, and lamps can be thrown away in the garbage if they cannot be donated for reuse. Microwaves can be taken to a scrap metal company for recovery. Some electronics may be taken to retailers such as a Goodwill or Best Buy store for recycling.  Please call first to confirm that your items will be accepted. See the Agency’s Green Pages Directory for registered recyclers.

The map below shows available locations to drop off electronics for recycling.  Some businesses offer pickup services for a fee. Please call the location for details. Go to SWANCC website for more information at

Recap of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day 2020 - "Digital Earth Day connects millions in global calls to action" @

Happy Arbor Day, April 24, 2020

The first Arbor Day occurred on April 10, 1872, in Nebraska City, Nebraska. It's estimated that nearly one million trees were planted on this day. Many schools across the country began celebrating Arbor Day by dedicating the trees they planted to special people.

Some Important Facts about Trees

*Trees help clean our air
*Trees contribute to our health
*Trees provide us with oxygen
*Trees help clean our drinking water
*Trees help reduce the effects of climate change...

In honor of Arbor Day, here are a few activities that can be enjoyed as a family!

*Livestream a tree book reading or share videos of librarians reading the poem Trees by Joyce Kilmer to integrate some tree-related activities into your day. Try out some of the suggestions @

*Celebrate Arbor Day by joining the Arboretum's Facebook Live event, “Ask a Plant Clinic Expert," on Friday, April 24. From noon to 1 p.m. Plant Clinic Manager Julie Janoski will be live, answering questions about how to care for gardens and trees as spring arrives. Have questions now? Comment below for an opportunity to have them answered by Julie during the live online event. #ArborDay #mortonarboretum #plantclinic

*Did you want to do some fun, educational, and engaging Arbor Day activities with children? Here are some activities that are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, and child care providers for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids! Go to

April 22 is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

On April 22, the 2020 Earth Day Network is mobilizing—digitally.

Because Earth Day Network has three ways you can participate with 24 hours of action, a global digital surge and a full day of live-streamed content with Earth Day Live. Make sure to visit for all of your Earth Day needs!

At Earth Day Network, the health and safety of volunteers and participants in Earth Day events is our top concern. Amid the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we encourage people to rise up but to do so safely and responsibly—in many cases, that means using our voices to drive action online rather than in person. 

With this in mind, Earth Day Network is postponing its live 50th anniversary Earth Day event. Instead, April 22 will mark the first Digital Earth Day, a global digital mobilization to address the most urgent threats to people and the planet.

Digital Earth Day will use some of the world’s most innovative digital media platforms to mobilize millions in a collective call for climate action. The coordination will deliver an Earth Day unlike any other in history.

In the face of a challenge that unites us all, whether it be coronavirus or our global climate crisis, we cannot shut down. Instead, we must shift our energies and efforts to new ways to mobilize the world to action.

The first Earth Day was the biggest civic engagement demonstration the world had seen. The 50th anniversary of Earth Day will take mobilization to the next level. We’ll be in touch with ways you can participate in the coming days.


Kathleen Rogers
President, Earth Day Network

Links to Earth Day/Week Activities and Information

*The Rainforest Site lists 10 surprising earth day facts you probably never knew at

*The Botanic Garden is celebrating 50 years of Earth Day! They've got green projects for the whole family. Craft condos for buzzing bees, make the most of your perennial plants and get involved to support conservation at

View our live video feed of the Circle Garden to see spring bulbs in full living color at  and at

* The Village of Northbrook has listed a 24-hour Earth Day webinar with programming from time zones across the globe:
▪️ Three days of live virtual Earth Day programming from 8:00 a.m.-8 p.m., including yoga, speakers, cooking, and live musical performances:
▪️ "24-hours of action" for those interested in climate activism:

From Village of Northbrook's Director of Development and Planning, Thomas R. Poupard:

* Informative and very comprehensive interactive tool on climate change

Parade Magazine’s Earth Day: 50 Ideas from 50 States

Village of Glenview's Earth Day/Week Activities

Village of Glenview's April 22, 2020 newsletter reads, "The first Earth Day protests, which took place April 22, 1970, brought 20 million Americans – 10 percent of the U.S. population at the time – into the streets. Now on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, most Americans are sheltering at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. But there are ways to mark this day:"

*The Cook County Forest Preserves has these tips.

*The Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County has a recycling facts game.

*NBC-Channel 5 has compiled a number of activities here

*"We Don't Have the Time" has a website with a week's worth of Earth Day program

GO GREEN Wilmette's Butterfly Update

Do you love butterflies? There are about 100 different species in Illinois alone, but the plants and habitats that many butterflies depend on are disappearing. To try to understand better the stresses on butterfly populations, the Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network has set up a Citizen Science program that you can join! The program teaches volunteers how to collect data on butterfly populations. The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is the Network's partner in the Chicago area. According to the museum's blog, we can all help butterflies by not using pesticides in our yards and -- you guessed it! -- by planting more native plants.
Check out the monitoring network and the museum's butterfly advice below:



April is Kids Gardening Month

Each April, KidsGardening celebrates the joy and wonder of gardening with children with Kids Garden Month. This year, ways of connecting with one another have rapidly changed. 

From the KidsGardening website, "Families and educators, we want to see the ways you are using gardening activities to engage kids while you're at home. Let’s create a virtual space where we can exchange ideas, cheer each other on, provide advice, and generally share our love of gardening with the children in our lives. We’re in this together. Let’s #GardenTogetherAtHome!"

"We've got lots of fun prizes to give away, so we hope you'll join in! We can't wait to see what you'll share. Thanks for helping to make Kids Garden Month so special."

For more information go to

Interesting Fact:

  • District 30's refuse handler, Waste Management, recycles enough materials in one year to fill the Empire State Building more than 27 times. Find out how you can recycle at home and work. Visit


SOLARIZE Chicagoland

In Illinois homeowners can cover up to 60% of the cost of going solar through state and federal incentives! Throughout the Spring and Summer the Citizens Utility Board will be hosting 50+ free solar educational events as part of Solarize Chicagoland.

2019 NEWS

Fourth Graders Share Energy Projects

Math and Science teacher Kery Obradovich has been working with Wescott School fourth graders on a special energy project this year. Their goal was to obtain and combine information to describe that energy and fuels are derived from natural resources and how their uses affect the environment; and generate and compare multiple solutions to reduce the impacts of natural Earth processes on humans.

Here is their project outline:

*Students analyzed primary source images for each energy resource to generate research questions, and learned basics about each energy.

*Working in groups, students researched 1 of 6 renewable or nonrenewable resources.

 *After research, students were regrouped with 1 student representative from each energy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

 *Students then chose the energy that is least harmful to the earth and humans.

 *Students wrote scripts to demonstrate and share their knowledge of their energy.

 *Students used the Apple Clips app to film energy commercials.

View the students' energy commercials at

Glenview Lions Help Revitalize Arbor Day at Schools

The Glenview Lions Club is king when it comes to helping local elementary schools learn about the importance of trees to the environment. On Arbor Day, April 26, for the sixth-year-in-a-row, representatives from the Glenview Lions Club visited fourth-graders at Wescott and Willowbrook Schools to share information about tree care and to distribute Norway spruce saplings to the students. The Glenview Lions’ members were Terry and Rita Dooley, President Thomas Zanoni, and Secretary, James Martin.

Since the Glenview Lions have been visiting Wescott and Willowbrook, they have handed out over 800 trees since 2014. The saplings they provided were courtesy of the Fourth Grade Foresters USA, an organization that aims to revitalize the celebration of Arbor Day in schools. The group has distributed 750,000 saplings to fourth graders in over 7,100 schools across the country since 2006. The organization's current goal is to distribute a million trees by 2021.

Mr. Dooley talked about how to plant and care for their saplings. 

He reminded the children, “In the era of global warming and air pollution, tree planting is even more important than ever. Norway Spruce saplings do not spread on their own, but need to be planted to grow and prosper. Trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to help reduce warming and help clean the air we breathe. Planting trees is a simple, inexpensive, and easy way to address the problem.”

A Tree Grows in Northbrook

At Wescott School, there was a planting ceremony before the Glenview Lions’ representatives handed out the Norway Spruce saplings to the kids. Wescott parent Tracey Becker brought her daughter Molly’s two-foot tree which she received as a sapling in fourth grade three years ago. They decided to donate it to the Wescott grounds, next to the butterfly garden. Horticulture expert Rob Sulski (Foot Stone Inc.) with custodian Lucio Castrejon dug the hole for the tree. Students helped pat earth around it after it was inserted into the ground. Care of the tree was discussed, and many of the kids were excited to see how large a sapling could grow in just a few years.

Those individuals who helped coordinate this activity included Assistant Superintendent Dr. Melissa Hirsch, Wescott Principal Dr. Chris Brown, Willowbrook Principal Dr. Scott Carlson, with fourth grade teachers Jane Eilhauer, Julie Molay, Jennifer Murnick, Jessica Schutz, Betsie Onsrud, Jennifer Lund, and Molly Shanahan.

Northfield Township Road District’s Recycling Information
The Northfield Township Road District is located at 237 Melvin Drive in Northbrook. The Northfield Township Road District’s recycling facility accepts a wide variety of items for charitable re-use or responsible recycling, which are listed in detail on the Road District’s website

In addition to weekday recycling, the Road District also hosts off-site recycling and paper shredding events at locations around the community. Residents are encouraged to check the Road District website for scheduled events. For more information about Northfield Township recycling programs, call the Road District at (847) 724-7055.

About the Northfield Township Road District

Located in northern Cook County, Northfield Township represents nearly 78,000 people. Under Highway Commissioner Tim Rueckert's leadership, the Road District provides efficient and economical services for residents in the unincorporated areas of Glenview, Northbrook, and Northfield. Working together in a cooperative and professional manner with neighbors, Cook County, the State of Illinois, and the surrounding villages, problems are identified, and practical, cost-effective solutions are developed utilizing the resources at hand. The Road District is located is 237 Melvin Drive, Northbrook. For more information visit Northfield Township Road District or call 847-724-7055.



What can and can't be recycled in Northbrook at  

What can and can't be recycled in Glenview at

SWANCC Offers Environmental Programs for Glenview Educators

Invite SWANCC staff to give a presentation about solid waste technologies, waste reduction tips and what individuals are doing to be more “green” to groups of 25 or more. Information will be adjusted for age-appropriateness.

Join the Elist for Educators to be notified of resources for educators related to waste reduction, recycling, composting and resources relevant to the classroom.

Chances are good that we have previously hosted a workshop with your current needs in mind; however, there is always room for new topics. If you have suggestions, call SWANCC at (847) 724-9205 or write

SWANCC Display for Loan

Community groups, organizations or schools in Glenview can borrow a display board highlighting community and educational programs offered by Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC), along with examples of Agency resources. Contact SWANCC for details at


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