Superintendent Dr. Brian K. Wegley's Weekly Update - October 9, 2020

Superintendent Dr. Brian K. Wegley's Weekly Update - October 9, 2020

Friday, October 9, 2020

Dr. Wegley’s Weekly Update

Thank you to all of our District 30 Family Members for your partnership as we continue education thoughtfully through this global COVID-19 Pandemic. As I continue to visit our in-person and full-remote classrooms, the effort, commitment, perseverance, and engagement of our students and staff are inspiring! We also continue to be grateful for the strong partnership with our parents!

A few important notes for this week: •October 23rd Half-Day Added to Calendar: All of our educators are continuing to give extraordinary effort this year and are finding limited time for planning and communication with each other. To assist schools throughout this year, the Illinois State Board of Education has provided several additional planning days. We are planning on reserving most of these days to assist with our transition to the 2021 half of our school year or with COVID-19 related transitions to full eLearning if it is needed. However, we are adding an additional half-day on Friday, October 23, to provide some much-needed planning time for our educators. Thank you for your understanding, and the schedule on Friday, October 23 will mirror our normal half-day schedule.

•Examine Your “Bubbles” & Remaining Vigilant: Ten of our twelve metrics being followed with our Northfield Township COVID-19 Elementary School Local Public Health Dashboard remain within the minimal designation. Thank you all for continuing to honor and support our risk-mitigation efforts that include hand hygiene, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing as we avoid touching our faces. As we continue to navigate this global pandemic together, we are each responsible for the level of risk that we bring into our school community. We are fortunate to live in an area that has responsibly reacted to the risks of COVID-19. Thank you, and please continue to remain vigilant inside and outside of school.

The Glenview/Northbrook COVID-19 Task Force continues to meet every two weeks. I am thankful for the ongoing collaboration across our communities. The task force’s latest communication shares links toTrick-or-Treat information from our villages and reinforce the need for all of us to stay the course by following safety protocols. It is also best to avoid expanding our risk through larger “bubbles” by interacting with others without honoring safety protocols. A good related article that I would recommend is ‘Just a Small Play Date’? You Still Need to Be Careful.