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Blogging in District 30

Technology and the Internet are playing a larger and larger role in written texts. Essentially, technology is changing what it means to read, write and be literate. As a part of our curriculum, District 30 strives to provide students with opportunities to read and write electronically and develop the skills and practices which are key to communicating and learning effectively in this medium.

Classroom, teacher and student blogging creates numerous opportunities for students to write for an audience and receive feedback on their writing. The use of blogs has also allowed us to address the ever-important subject of digital citizenship with our students. It is critical that young people consider the importance of their online footprint, and become ever-vigilant about how they conduct themselves in cyberspace. The tenets of CHARACTER COUNTS! are alive and present throughout our schools, and this includes our digital presence.

Our district blogs can be accessed at (some blogs will require a student login to view).