Elementary Musicians' Performance Shines at Spring Concert!

Elementary Musicians' Performance Shines at Spring Concert!

"Bravo" to Our Wonderful Musicians for their Performances at District 30's Elementary Band and Orchestra Spring Concert

It was heartwarming to see a gymnasium filled with families, with a full orchestra, band, and chamber groups at the first in-person elementary spring concert at Maple School in two years.

On May 24, Wescott and Willowbrook's fourth-grade orchestra, chamber groups, fifth-grade band, and orchestra filled the east gym with classical, folk, blues, and rock music! The audience applause was constant and cacophonous.

Principals Dr. Scott Carlson (Willowbrook) and Dr. Chris Brown (Wescott) welcomed everyone and thanked the teachers, parents, and staff who helped to create this special concert.

The music staff included Maple Orchestra Director Renee Yoo, Maple and Elementary Band Director Sam Pilnick, and Elementary Orchestra Director Alexis Barrett. All echoed their appreciation for the great support of the parents, administration, Board of Education, and custodial staff.

"For some students, this was their very first in-person performance, due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions over the past two years, so this makes their night even more special," said Ms. Barrett.

The list of performances in order included the following:

Fourth-grade orchestra: "Rustic Dance" - Mark Williams and "Dragon Hunter" - Richard Meyer

Willowbrook Chamber Group: "Swallow Tail Jig" - Folk Tune

Fifth-Grade Band: "When the Saints Go Marching In", "Old MacDonald Had a Band", "Hard Rock Blues", and "Wings to the Mind."

Wescott Chamber Group: "The Four Seasons" - Antonio Vivaldi

Fifth-Grade Orchestra: "Appalachian Hymn" - Soon Hee Newbold

"Sailors Song" - Mark Williams

Elementary Concert Program

A link to the concert will be shared soon!