District Office Building

Strategic Objectives

Pillar I - Educational Programming

Objective: Create rich learning experiences and dynamic environments that promote student growth, cultivate inclusivity and equity, build a culture of innovation and prepare all students to be productive global citizens.

Strategic Elements:

  1. Rigorous and Coherent Academic Programs
  2. Foster a culture of innovation and risk-taking
  3. Outstanding Student Performance and Growth
  4. Nurturing, Supportive, and Developmentally-Appropriate Student-Centered Social-Emotional Development

Pillar II - Finance

Objective: Maintain a healthy, financially stable position.

Strategic Elements:

  1. Strong Financial Planning
  2. Capacity to Support Emerging Programs and Routine Facility Maintenance
  3. Ability to Respond to Changes in School Funding

Pillar III - Operations

Objective: Ensure facilities and systems contribute to an optimal educational experience.

Strategic Elements:

  1. Safe Learning Environment
  2. Capacity to Support Evolving and Emerging Programs
  3. Support Environmental Awareness and Reasonable, Sustainable Practices
  4. Integrated, Effective, and Efficient Systems that Manage Information Flow

Pillar IV - Personnel

Objective: Recruit, hire and retain the highest quality staff and provide coordinated professional development.

Strategic Elements:

  1. Highest Quality Staff
  2. Specific and Continuous Job-Embedded Staff Development and Continuous Improvement

Pillar V - Community and Communication

Objective: Establish and maintain continuous open exchanges of ideas and information with all stakeholders, both internal and external, to foster relationships, collaboration, and understanding among our entire learning community.

Strategic Elements:

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Effective Emergency Communication
  3. Positive and Engaged Parent Communication and Partnership
  4. Community Presence and Relationships