October 7 Board Brief

October 7 Board Brief

Dear District 30 Family,

Thank you to all members of the District 30 Family for your continued partnership through this year. Everyone’s commitment and extra effort make a difference every day. Our October 7 Board of Education meeting included the following relevant items:

Lessons Learned Through Operations Curriculum Report

Thank you to Dr. Kohl, Mrs. Eichmiller, Mrs. Grosshuesch, Mrs. Holmer, and Mrs. Rich for presenting the committee’s thoughtful reflections on all that we learned from last year’s phased operations. They shared challenges, discoveries, resources, supports, and how our experiences evolve our practices. A few examples shared included remote parent-teacher conferences, eVisits with authors where every student has a front-row seat, and the ability to leverage remote meeting options. The committee also inspired us with their thoughtful work supporting our students’ return to school.

Restore & Recovery Summer Curriculum Report

Thank you to Ms. Schulman, Mrs. Holzkopf, Mrs. Grosshuesch, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Levin, and Mr. Zweig for sharing their committee’s summer curriculum work that developed social-emotional support for our students and staff. The committee utilized reflections on what helped them get through last year. They insightfully shared the continued need we all have for time and grace to continue to persevere. Their efforts proactively prepared for this year and established a foundation for our continued efforts to support our students and each other. Thank you to our presenters and the entire committee for their thoughtful work!

Summer School Report

Mrs. Grosshuesch highlighted last summer’s successful District 30 Summer School program that included over 300 students. She reviewed the months of planning that occurred and shared incredibly positive feedback from parents and staff. She also reflected on the in-person and remote classes that were offered. Due to the Elementary Capacity Project and the subsequent late start of the school year, Ms. Grossheusch also shared that the 2022 summer school program will probably run for four weeks, with tentative dates from June 21 through July 15. Thank you to everyone who makes our summer school an amazing experience for students!

2021-22 School Calendar

The Board reviewed a draft 2022-23 School Calendar that returns to a more normal rhythm after this year’s modified calendar that supported the Elementary Capacity Project. The first day for students will likely be on August 17, 2022. The tentative last day of school is set for Friday, June 2, 2023. Aligned with a majority of our comparable districts, we are tentatively planning to attend school on Columbus Day and Veterans Day. The calendar also includes a school holiday on Tuesday, November 8 for election day, as our schools serve as polling places. The calendar also incorporates an Institute Day on March 6/Pulaski Day. Winter and Spring Breaks will remain aligned across Northfield Township.

The Board of Education will discuss and finalize the 2022-23 calendar at its October 21 Board Meeting. 

Enrollment Projections

The Board reviewed enrollment forecasts for District 30. The District’s enrollment continued to increase this year and is predicted to continue an upward trend. This year’s 1,224 enrollment is expected to increase to 1,225 next year and 1,264 by the 2025-26 School Year. The projections do not yet incorporate potential Grainger property re-development or migration from the city. With the completion of our Elementary Capacity Project, projections remain within our classroom capacity.

Lew Blond Run

Mr. Kurtz invited the Board and our community to the Lew Blond run on Saturday, October 16, 2021. He reviewed that the run, with nearly 300 registered runners, will occur in the Wescott School neighborhood, due to street construction on its normal route around Maple School. He also highlighted that funds from the run benefit the Les Turner Foundation, college scholarships for a current GBN and GBS senior, and District 30 schools.

Thank you all for your care and commitment to our students and each other. Enjoy the upcoming weekend!