August 19 Board Brief

August 19 Board Brief

Dear District 30 Family,

As I write this Board Brief, I am grateful for all that has been done to prepare District 30 for the school year. We look forward to our Institute Days that begin on August 30, and for the return of our students on September 2!

Our Board Meeting included the following relevant items:

Personnel Report

The Board also approved Mrs. Cora Byrne (math) at Maple; Amy Edelson (Instructional Assistant), Christine Erickson (School Assistant), Rita Gilbart (Instructional Assistant), Maureen Nemmer (Instructional Assistant), Jennifer Ofner (Instructional Assistant), and Candace Samuels (Instructional Assistant) at Willowbrook; Lena Amerazian (Instructional Assistant), Petra Choi (2nd-Grade Teacher), Colleen Goldstein (School Office Clerk), Anne Grimm (part-time Art Teacher & Instructional Assistant), and Bari Ross (Instructional Assistant) at Wescott. Please join me in congratulating them and welcoming them to the District 30 Family.

In-District changes were also codified, including kindergarten teachers Amy Buzil, Caroline Drake, Sarah Lerman, and Diane Isley (kindergarten Instructional Assistant) moving from Willowbrook to Wescott. 

The Board also approved one leave and the resignation that included Nicole Angelbeck, Amber Kim, Barb Demetrius-Lallas, and Nazia Saddal.

Board of Education Tour of Schools Highlighting Elementary Capacity Project

The Board of Education toured Wescott, Willowbrook, and Maple Schools. The Board witnessed the nearly completed elementary capacity project that has generated eight sorely needed classrooms and flexible space within our elementary schools as we realign kindergarten with our neighborhood school philosophy! They also reviewed mitigation protocols that have been put in place that align with guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

The Board shared their gratitude for the incredible efforts of our entire District 30 Family to complete this essential construction project and finalized plans to meet the Illinois State Board of Education’s mandate for full in-person learning for all students. In addition, the administrative team shared their appreciation to the Board for their support of this project and beginning school on September 2, as we will need every day to complete construction and prepare our classrooms.

2021-22 Opening of School Plans Update

The Board received an update on our ongoing efforts to open school, meeting all safety mitigation measures, as we support our students and staff and strive for renewed learning momentum. In addition, FAQs have been added to our 2021-22 Return to School website that will continue to be updated as this year unfolds.

Dr. Wegley reviewed local COVID-19 metrics that have risen throughout recent weeks and plateaued through part of this week. He also noted that the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) recently informed us that the state-funded SHIELD Illinois test, a PCR test developed by the University of Illinois, might only be available for unvaccinated individuals. He stated that the program will take a few weeks to put into place and that unvaccinated staff and students participating in athletics will be required to take the SHIELD Illinois test.

Tentative Budget

The Board approved a tentative budget for public display at the District Office and set a public hearing for its September 23, 2021 meeting. The tentative operating budget includes $26,885,400 in projected revenues and $27,660,947 of expenditures. This planned deficit of $775,547 includes a $1,058,327 transfer that primarily supports the Elementary Capacity Project. 

Adoption of a Revised Board Policy

To align our practice and policies, the Board adopted revised Board Policy 612, EDUCATION OF CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Our next Board Meeting will be at Maple School on September 23, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Brian K. Wegley