Ursula Sedlak Retires as District 30’s Board President

Ursula Sedlak Retires as District 30’s Board President


Ursula Sedlak Retires as District 30’s Board President

It appeared very fitting that a rainbow would be perfectly arched above Maple School, on the evening that beloved Board of Education President Ursula Sedlak was retiring. She truly was District 30’s “pot of gold,” consistently displaying her intelligence, class, and care during her two years as President, and six years as a member of the board. 

Ms. Ursula Sedlak was first elected to the board in 2013, serving with dedication, passion, and distinction. A former manager for a building products company, Ms. Sedlak now works at Be Optimal Holistic Health Center helping others on their healing journey. She has two children with her husband, Brian. 

Ms. Sedlak served in multiple capacities with the District 30 board, including the committee charged with creating policies for Character Counts. She also served on the Building and Grounds Committee, the Superintendent and Principal Search Committees, the Parent Support Committee, and the Citizens' Curriculum Advisory Committee. Sedlak arrived as board president after a long history of volunteerism, including being a den leader with both Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts troops. She volunteered at both Wescott and Maple Schools, serving on upper and lower parent-teacher organization boards at Wescott, then becoming its PTO president.

At the April 29 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley and fellow Board members each individually thanked her for her superb leadership and camaraderie.

"You have impacted District 30 in countless ways! Your positivity, kindness, care, and intelligence have truly influenced the success of our district. Your support of staff, administrators, students, and families was steadfast and true. Thank you for your positivity and all that you have accomplished. You will be sorely missed," said Dr. Wegley.

Each board member expressed in his/her own way what an honor it was to serve on the board with her at the helm. Mr. Rizki remembered that prior to joining the board that Ms. Sedlak was very welcoming, encouraging, and helpful. Mr. Karchmar said he treasured her collegiality and friendship. Ms. Blonder acknowledged her volunteerism, adding that no one expresses a "thank you" quite as sincerely and eloquently as Ursula Sedlak.  Mr. Levin noted her amazing dedication and the time spent as a board member. Mr. Zuercher remembered their time together as caucus members and stated that because of her legacy, the board will continue on a strong and healthy path. Ms. Artz said that Ms. Sedlak always had the students’ interest at heart, and did her best to ensure that District 30 remains a lighthouse district.

Following the meeting, the Teachers Education Association led by Talia Block, sincerely thanked her for her support. A reorganization of the Board took place; whereby Vice President Nancy Artz, who joined the board in 2015, was named President. Jeff Zuercher succeeded Ms. Artz as Vice President. Dr. Stephanie Yohannan joined as a new member, and Jeff Zuercher and Keith Karchmar were reelected. All were welcomed.

The Board of Education also approved our Board Protocols that guide how our Board members operate. Michele Pollina and Terry Wolf were appointed as our Co-Board Secretaries until June 30, 2023. Thank you to all of these individuals for their service to District 30!

Dr. Wegley then presented Ms. Sedlak with gifts: A traditional gold school bell and plaque in recognition of her dedication and leadership on the Board of Education.

“Thank you all so much. I am so proud to be a part of this very special group of seven. Serving on the board has been an experience that I will always treasure! I will remember this board for being collaborative, well-informed, and respectful. With all that has been accomplished, including the building of Maple School, the real testament of our strength as a district was displayed during this challenging year of COVID-19. Getting through this past year was a real testament to District 30’s character, and I believe we passed with flying colors. This fortitude and collaboration show that District 30 is well-prepared to serve for generations to come,” Ms. Sedlak responded.

She also discussed her early years with the district, first as a parent, PTO volunteer, and President. Before deciding to join the Board, she cited that it was now retired Wescott School teacher, Jane Eilhauer, who was very supportive and convinced her that she would be a great candidate.

 “Thank you Ms. Eilhauer."

“From day one, I knew that District 30 was a very special place. I was, and continue to be impressed with the care, dedication, energy, and strength of every staff member here,” she concluded.

She expressed immense gratitude to Superintendent Dr. Wegley.

"I truly believe that it was your leadership and guidance that has led to District 30’s many accomplishments since you took the helm. I have learned so much from you these past six years, and have admired your interactions with everyone around you. You practice what you preach and are the true epitome of a leader,” said Ms. Sedlak.

By the time the meeting ended, the rainbow that had hovered over Maple School was long gone, but the strong foundation of District 30 remains golden.