February 11 Board Brief

February 11 Board Brief

Dear District 30 Family,

I am excited to be writing this Board Brief from yesterday’s in-person Board Meeting. Every day is getting longer and warmer days are ahead! Thank you to our teachers for their late evenings and for committing to our students with our parents! 

Our last Board Meeting included the following relevant items:

Phased Operations Update

Our Board shared sincere appreciation for our staff’s commitment, students’ flexibility and engagement, and parents’ partnership. They also celebrated our teachers’ continued evolution as they continue to rise to this time's challenges.

The Phased Operations update included the COVID-19 declining metrics, our plans to resume our models after Spring Break (as long as our current metric trends continue to decline), updated travel guidance, and testing schedules (including opportunities for full-remote students to take assessments at school). 

A vaccination update reflected that because of limited vaccination supplies for essential workers in the 1B category, all of Cook County continues to make slow progress on getting people vaccinated.

Wescott School Report

Dr. Brown’s Wescott School Report reflected warmly on our talented students and staff who bring the magic of Wescott to life. He shared this year’s theme, “Wescott Strong,” reviewed their robust school-improvement goals, highlighted a staff and student example of mindfulness, and celebrated the astounding resilience shown by their students and staff, which included the lasting legacy of sledding on Wescott Mountain.  

Dr. Brown talked with immense pride about his superstar students and exceptional staff. He painted an accurate and inspiring picture of Wescott's incredible accomplishments, especially throughout this challenging year. He also expressed excitement for Wescott's upcoming additions, which will begin this spring as part of the district's Elementary Capacity Project!

The Board thanked Chris for his continued positive impact on Wescott School, his leadership on defining our Board Goals (phased operations and elementary capacity), and his collegiality with our team and Willowbrook School Principal Dr. Carlson. 

Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to join us at our next Board Meeting at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, February 25, at Maple School. All are welcome!


Dr. Brian K. Wegley