April 14 Board Brief

April 14 Board Brief

Dear District 30 Family,

I hope this email finds you doing well. 

Our last Board of Education Meeting also included the following relevant items:


The Board officially approved Dr. Wegley’s June 30, 2023 retirement. They graciously thanked Dr. Wegley for his service to the district. The Board looks forward to all that will be accomplished between now and his retirement. The Board also thanked Dr. Wegley for the advanced notice that allows for a thorough Superintendent Search process. 

Operations Update

Dr. Wegley reviewed local COVID-19 metrics and cases within the district that have risen over the past couple of weeks. He shared his appreciation for our community's diligence and noted the value of all who continue to participate in SHIELD testing. He also stated that Northfield Township's COVID-19 Elementary Dashboard would need to evolve because positivity rates will no longer be available, and IDPH no longer generates Cook County & School Metrics.

The Board shared sincere appreciation for our staff’s commitment, students’ engagement, and parents’ partnership. They also celebrated the normalcy being generated in our schools by our staff.

Updated 2021-22 Opening of School Plan Approved 

The Board approved the Updated 2021-22 Opening of School Plan that pauses the use of Ruvna, while the requirement to keep students home who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms and have a negative COVID-19 test to return remains in place. The updated plan also incorporates Public Act 102-0697, which provides paid administrative leave for fully vaccinated employees during any period that the employee is restricted from being on school district property for a COVID-19 reason. 

Presidential Award for Excellence in Education Resolution

The Board officially approved the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence Resolution that will be awarded to our students on the evening of May 12, 2022.

Consolidated District Plan

Our Board officially approved the Consolidated District Plan process that strives to consolidate and streamline the federal grant application and management process, which codifies the utilization of Federal Title I-Part A, Title II-Part A, Title IV-Part A, and IDEA grants.

Judy Beck Grant-Revival of the District 30 Gardens

The district is a recent recipient of the Judy Beck grant for $2500.00 to support the revival and future growth of the district gardens at both Wescott and Willowbrook Schools. The Judy Beck grant, made available through the Glenview Park District, focuses on bettering our world by continuing Judy Beck’s legacy of promoting efforts in environmental leadership, community engagement, and youth development. The Judy Beck Grant service area includes the state of Illinois, with preference given to initiatives that benefit the village of Glenview, Illinois, and the North Shore. Thank you to the district's curriculum team members for securing this funding.

6-8 Social Studies Summer Curriculum Report

At last night’s meeting, April Lobo, Mario Gurgone, and Mary Norquist presented to the Board of Education on their 2021 summer curriculum project. Their work aimed to examine the current application of state mandates, recent and upcoming, apply the upcoming changes to the social studies standards, and then update/evolve their curriculum maps and the 6-8 vertical skills alignment document. Their work from the summer has continued to come alive and evolve with students in the classroom this year. Their presentation was outstanding!

Willowbrook School Report 

Dr. Carlson provided a tour of Willowbrook for our Board of Education and shared the magic of Willowbrook School during his report. He highlighted his pride in the Willowbrook staff, students, and community. Student interviews reinforced how much our students recognize and appreciate our return to collaborative learning, which has been the signature of this school year through the Willowbrook Together theme. Dr. Carlson also emphasized the positive impact of the elementary capacity project through the transformed library and small-group intervention spaces. The Board thanked Dr. Carlson for his outstanding leadership and added their voice to a sincere appreciation for Willowbrook’s exceptional staff and students.

The next Board Meeting will be in Wescott’s library on April 28. All are welcome!

Have a great weekend!


Dr. Brian K. Wegley