District 30 Staff Members Honored at Annual Family Dinner

District 30 Staff Members Honored at Annual Family Dinner

On May 14, District 30's Family Dinner committee hosted the annual Family Dinner in a picnic atmosphere outside of Maple, Wescott, and Willowbrook Schools, where small groups of staff members sat appropriately spaced from one another, but were also able to visit and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Family Dinner committee organizer Jackie Ruf welcomed everyone in a virtual presentation, which was held in the gymnasiums at all three schools so that staff members could watch the honors at a comfortable distance from one another.

Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley greeted everyone, introduced, and thanked the Board of Education for its ongoing dedication and support of our children. He commended Ursula Sedlak, who recently retired as president of the board, and welcomed President Nancy Artz and Vice President Jeff Zuercher into their new positions on the board.

"It is an honor to celebrate our retirees, milestone award winners, and all that our family accomplished this year! Thank you to all of our family who is celebrating together and enjoying a terrific meal on a fantastic evening! Thank you again to Jackie Ruf, Michele Pollina, and our entire District 30 Family Dinner Committee for putting the event together!” said Dr. Wegley.

"District 30 is privileged to have professionals who touch the future by dedicating their careers to our students. We value and care for each and every member of our District 30 Family. As we grow and prosper, and even during a challenging and pandemic year, the tradition of recognizing those who are celebrating an upcoming retirement or milestone year within our district continues,” he added.

Staff members were recognized at the dinner for upcoming retirement and/or milestone years of service via a video presentation. The five retirees who were honored during the evening with gifts and words of praise by Dr. Wegley included Cindy Habel (37 years), Sheila Nelson (33 years), Cathie Molitor (23 years), Suzanne Nelson (21 years), and Robyn Kogan (19 years). Milestone year recognition went to the following individuals: Five years, Susan Bragiel, Colleen Bramlage, Danielle Cerami, Anna Davis, Dale Falk, Christina Fee, Wendy Haugh, and Stephanie Kopp; 10 years, Sarah Arends, Alexis Georgis, David Goss, Lisa Kauth, Kristen Leverso, Martine Reif, and Jennifer Schmidt; 15 years, David Karnoscak, Michelle King-Mulvihill, Nancy Lifshitz, Aimee Neumann, Betsie Onsrud, Jeannine Staunton, and Annette Teer; 25 years, Mary Jean Fetzer, and 30 years, Mary Norquist.

Family Dinner Committee members responsible for organizing the event included Nicky Stannard, Jill Rathge, Rachel Rabinowitz, Sara Weiland, Connie Park, David Karnoscak, Zivit Blonder, Keith Karchmar, Michele Pollina, Theresa Blackburn, Jackie Ruf, Dr. Melissa Hirsch, and Dr. Brian Wegley.

View photos of the District 30 Family Dinner at https://www.facebook.com/ngsd30