Willowbrook Story Project

What is the Willowbrook Story Project

In celebration of Willowbrook School’s 50th birthday, current students are hoping to collect 50 years worth of memories from former students and staff. Do you have a story to share? If so, please click here to express your interest in this project or contact aeichmiller@district30.org to setup a day/time to be interviewed. Your story can be short, 2-5 minutes in length. Some possible themes include friendship, lesson learned, a funny memory, teamwork, persistence, or compassion.

Possible Questions/prompts

  1. Tell me about a time at Willowbrook that changed you as a person? What happened? Why did it change you?
  2. What do you remember about Willowbrook that people would be surprised about today?
  3. Tell me about a teacher that motivated you and why? What influence does that teacher or what he/she taught you have on you today?
  4. What kind of student were you during your time at Willowbrook? What are you doing now? Is there something interesting or surprising about the younger you and the present you?
  5. Tell me about a time at Willowbrook that you persisted through something difficult. What did you learn from the experience?

If you do not have time to be interviewed, we still want to hear your memory. You can leave a recording on our Story Project voicemail. Call 847-400-8855.