Willowbrook School Song

Words by Mrs. Sharon Latek
Music by Mr. Bill Vaananen

At Willowbrook School you will make so many friends
You know that there is someone who has a hand to lend
Her doors are always open, so come and step inside
Our students and staff members have spirit they can't hide!

At Willowbrook School we let our spirit shine!
We use our brains solving problems like Einstein
Our friends are always there for us and we are there for them
Willowbrook! Willowbrook! She's our Emerald Gem!

Willowbrook School is a place where kids connect
We know that Character Counts and we will always show respect
Right here on Happy Hollow we show how much we care
Our love of learning never ends
Our open arms we now extend
We'll always be the best of friends
Today and through the year!