Willowbrook School NEWS BRIEFS: Poetry Cafe Slated for April 23-26

Willowbrook School NEWS BRIEFS: Poetry Cafe Slated for April 23-26

WILLOWBROOK'S 50TH ANNIVERSARY CULMINATION CELEBRATION IS MAY 31! Please join us for an end of year celebration honoring 50 years of “preparing children for life”. 1:15pm Senior Walk - Former Willowbrook students who are now graduating high school will walk the halls. 1:45pm  Closing Ceremony - Honoring past and present Willowbrook staff and students. A reception with light refreshments to follow in the multi-purpose room. Please RSVP to mfetzer@district.org or call 847-498-1090

Poetry Cafe Slated for April 23-26
Willowbrook's annual Poetry Cafe will take place during Earth Week, April 23-26.  Guest readers will take turns reading their favorite poetry to students throughout the day, on the aforementioned dates.
In his most recent blog, Principal Dr. Carlson states, "Willowbrook is celebrating National Poetry Month! Several grade levels have already moved into a poetry writing unit. Teacher Jen Schmidt and Librarian April Eichmiller have created an interactive poetry display outside the library. Students are jotting down small poems and dropping them into pockets to share. Other students are reaching in and taking a poem to enjoy. This activity was inspired by the April 18 Poem in Your Pocket Day." #pocketpoem
Glenview Lions to Present Saplings to Fourth Graders on Arbor Day
On Arbor Day, April 26, Glenview Lions representative Terry Dooley will present Norway Saplings to fourth graders, as part of National Fourth Grade Foresters Program, that has organized the give away and planting of over 700,000 tree saplings nationwide within the past 10 years.  He and a colleague will be at Wescott School from 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m., and at Willowbrook School from 1:00 p.m.-1:45 p.m..

Fifth Grade Track Meet Set for 9:00 a.m., Friday, April 26 at Glenbrook South High School.

Register for Lew Blond Run by April 26 and Save!

The 19th Annual Lew Blond Memorial 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Run will be held at 8:00 a.m., Saturday, May 18, 2019, at Maple School. Sign up by April 26 to save on the entry fee at lewblondrun.org

The Lew Blond Run is an esteemed CARA Circuit Race and is USATF certified. The event is among the top running events in the north suburban area.  For 18 years, this fundraiser has been helping to support research for Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), in memory of Lew Blond, a Maple School teacher who passed away from this disease in February 2000. Proceeds benefit ALS research through the Les Turner ALS Foundation, and support scholarships for seniors at the Glenbrook High Schools, and special District 30 projects. The 2018 race drew over 1,000 participants and volunteers. Total funds raised over 18 years exceeds $450,000.

Costs are as follows: Before April 26, Adult $32 (CARA member $27) / Youth $22 (CARA Youth $17)

After April 26, Adult $35 (CARA member $30) / Youth $25 (CARA Youth $20)

There are no refunds for race registrations!

Sponsors are always welcome to help support these worthy and wonderful causes! Email blondrun@district30.org or call Dr. Nate Carter at 847-400-8900.

Walking School Bus Dates Set for April 18 and May 10

Willowbrook School's  Walking School Bus will be up and running again on Thursday, April 18 and Friday, May 10, according to coordinator David Goss, physical education teacher. Staff members can meet up with colleagues at around 7:55 a.m. in the teacher's lounge, fill up on coffee and munchkins and head out.  Those individuals that cannot make it to one of these dates should contact Mr. Goss at 847-400-8813 or dgoss@district30.org.
Those people who did not sign up and would like to join up, can still sign up on the sheet across from Principal Dr. Scott Carlson's office, or just let Mr. Goss know which route you would like to join and he can add you to the list.
 "Thanks to everyone for their help with the Walking School Bus.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know," Mr. Goss added.
Principal Dr. Scott Carlson
Willowbrook is celebrating National Poetry Month!

School Celebrates 50 Years on February 22

Happy Birthday Willowbrook School!

On February 22, every grade level dressed up as a different decade. There was a parade, flag raising assembly, dances from each decade, historical video, songs, and a Jeopardy game, with questions about Willowbrook throughout the years. Enjoy all of the grade level videos by Technology Integration Specialist, Stacy Rich.

Willowbrook 50th Birthday assembly videos by Stacy Rich: https://twitter.com/i/status/1099051484786896897

Willowbrook Celebrates 50 in Style

On February 22, Willowbrook School went all out during its birthday celebration of 50 years on Happy Hollow Road in Glenview!

Principal Dr. Scott Carlson and staff members have been collecting stories from past Willowbrook teachers and alums. Classrooms were assigned decades and decorated their classrooms and themselves with paraphernalia symbolic from that particular era.

Grade level eras:
Grade 5 - 1960s
Grade 4 - 1970s
Grade 3 - 1980s
Grade 2 - 1990s
Grade 1 and Preschool - 2000s
Kindergarten - 2010s

Prior to the celebration assembly in the gymnasium, everyone enjoyed parading through the building viewing grade level door decorations and the variety of clothes designs from the past decades.

The assembly began with third-grade Flag Raisers Teddy Mikroulis, Tyler Shinsky, Nina Sikaras, Aidan Barry, Maddie Goldwin, and Sobha Singh. The audience sang "The National Anthem" and recited the "Pledge of Allegiance."

No celebration is complete without song and dance. Each grade level chose a popular dance from their decade to showcase.

Grade five did "The Twist"; Grade four performed "The Hustle"; and Grade three reenacted 80’s dance moves to Michael Jackson's "Beat It."

The younger kids enjoyed bouncing around to "The Macarena" (second grade); The "Cha Cha Slide" was performed by grade one and preschoolers; and Kindergartners concluded the series with "Can't Stop the Feeling."

A group of teachers and students then participated in "Jeopardy: Willowbrook Edition," where everyone was encouraged to try and answer questions about Willowbrook's past.

The assembly concluded on a lively note with the school song.

View photo gallery of Willowbrook's birthday celebration @ https://www.facebook.com/ngsd30?fref=ts&scrlybrkr …#d30learns


Willowbrook School hosted a 50th Birthday Assembly on Friday, February 22.