Student Math Resources

Important:  We have had some issues with students being able to access Math Facts in A Flash at home.  This document provides some troubleshooting tips for you to use at home.

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Math Fluency Websites:


Cross the Swamp (addition & subtraction)

Groups and Grazing (addition/subtraction/foundations of multiplication)


Factor Game

Product Game

Building Multiplication Arrays

Camel Times Tables

Cross the Swamp (multiplication and division)

Snappy Math (multiplication with arrays)

Topmarks - multiplication


Math Games Websites:

Math Calculator Website:


Math Manipulatives Websites: (Protractor & Ruler) 












Math in Focus Websites

To access your digital textbook, workbook, background videos for each chapter, the virtual manipulatives or interactivities:

How to login:

Bar Modeling Tutorials & Practice Websites













Math Problem Solving Websites: