These committees coordinate an event for the PTO. Responsibilities may include publicizing the event, collecting money, organizing volunteers, ordering food/drinks/desserts or requesting donations from the committee, purchasing supplies and/or decorations, arranging for the set-up and clean up of the event and coordinating with Mr. Carlson. Committee Chairpersons are asked to turn in a final online evaluation following the event. Each is a two-year commitment unless noted.
These committees work on activities that run for part of the year or for the entire year. Committee Chairpersons are asked to turn in an online summary of their activities at the end of the year. Each is a two-year commitment unless noted.
Representatives attend various meetings held throughout the year and keep the PTO informed of pertinent information/events. Each is a two-year commitment unless otherwise noted.

By volunteering for the following events and activities, your support and enthusiasm helps the Willowbrook School community grow stronger.

Please refer to the Student Directory for committee chair contact information.

Event Committees
5th Grade Event

Lyn Wilkins
Melissa Carr
Katie Schick

This committee oversees the end of year Fifth Grade event, including creating the memory book and montage, providing lunch, organizing a volleyball game, updating/hosting a trivia game, and working under a general theme. All 5th grade parents are encouraged to get involved and participate in this committee.

Book Fair

Rosalyn Mokhtarian
Justin Breen
Elyse Radford

This committee coordinates the annual book fair with Scholastic Books (one fall/one spring).

Daughter's night out event

Stacy Dubin
Elizabeth Mandl
Elizabeth Purtill

Whether it is a Son's Night Out event year or Daughter's Night Out event year, these committees coordinate a special event for parents and children to share.  This committee is a one year commitment.

Ice Cream Social

Akhila Venugopal
Akemi Matsunaga

This committee organizes a free ice cream social for the Willowbrook community shortly after school starts in the fall.

Son's Night Out event

Reem Given
Brittany Sidoti
Elaine Hantley

Whether it is a Son's Night Out event year or Daughter's Night Out event year, these committees coordinate a special event for parents and children to share.  This committee is a one year commitment.

Parent Social

This committee provides a special night-out for parents and teachers in a fun atmosphere. It usually includes a teacher raffle and silent auction that raises funds for the school. (1 yr.)

Spiritwear Breakfast

Michelle Michael
Nikki Fosco

This committee organizes two before school bagel breakfasts for the children to coincide with Spirit Days.

Wake Up Willowbrook Breakfast

Scott Radford
David Sanders
Jeremy Dubin

Held on a Saturday morning once a year, this event brings families together to enjoy a pancake breakfast.

Family Fun Night

Michelle Michael
Barrie Shinsky
Nikki Fosco

This is a one-year position. This committee coordinates activities for Willowbrook's Family Fun Night event in the fall.

Standing Committees

Box Tops

Stacy Dubin
Danielle Pollack

This committee coordinates the annual General Mills box top promotion that provides funding for the school. This involves collecting, counting, and mailing the box tops to General Mills.


Jillian Wiederer
Reem Given
Leah Campbell

This committee organizes meals for teachers and staff several times a year. They may be asked to coordinate refreshments for PTO and Willowbrook events.

School Store - School Supply Lists

Michelle Michael
Melissa Girard

Chairpersons are in charge of the selection and purchase of all school supplies as requested by the teachers/administration. They coordinate the preorder school supplies sale, organize the school store sale in the fall, and schedule students to volunteer at the store on Tuesdays during lunch. They also track inventory of the store.

Room Parent Chairs

Kathy Sikaras
Melissa Carr
Lisa Ackerman

These chairpersons select room parents by conducting a lottery. This also includes coordinating and distributing information regarding money for class parties and an outline of room parent responsibilities. Communication to the Room Parents and community at large will also be required.

Room Parent Guidelines

Six Flags Read to Succeed

Danielle Pollack

This chairperson is responsible for administering the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program.

Six Flags Read to Succeed

Special Lunch

Susan Lien
Vanessa Schweihs
Melissa Dore

This committee is responsible for organizing the PTO’s Special Lunch program that provides students with lunches from favorite local eateries ten times throughout the year. This involves choosing the menus for the special lunches (including a drink and dessert), acting as liaisons with the vendors, and assisting with serving lunch. The chairpersons are also responsible for organizing the volunteers.

Teacher Raffle

Katie Schick
Michelle Michael

This committee works with the staff at Willowbrook to donate fun-filled activities for our students...

Wednesday Ice Cream

Lauree Tran
Soonhee Chang

This committee provides ice cream novelties during lunch time every Wednesday of each month except for Special Lunch days. They are responsible for selecting and purchasing the ice cream, organizing volunteers for the sale of the ice cream, and counting the proceeds.

Yearbook Committee

Leah Campbell
Michelle Michael
Reem Given

This committee helps create the Willowbrook annual yearbook.  This committee is a two-year commitment.

Korean American Parents Association (KAPO)

Annie Lee

KAPO serves as a liaison between the school and the Korean families. It seeks to build relationships among students, parents, teachers and school administrators by promoting mutual understanding of cultural and linguistic differences. 

Environmental Awareness Committee

Sneha Srivastava

This group is composed of parent representatives from Willowbrook, Wescott and Maple and is led by Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Melissa Hirsch. The Environmental Awareness Committee develops and initiates district-wide environmental activities. This is a one-person representative with a two-year commitment.


Boys Scout Representative

Fred Jouhet

A representative for the Boy Scouts to report on Scout activities.

Bulletin Board Committee

Michelle Michael
Ali Templer

This committee works with chairs of the events and activities within the PTO to promote on our dedicated Bulletin Board.

Girl Scout Representative

Trish Larson

A representative for the Girl Scouts and a representative for the Boy Scouts report on Scout activities.

Glenview Character Counts

Kathy Sikaras
Amalia Pepek

This committee attends the Glenview Character Counts meetings and assists with the community-wide October Food Drive.

Lew Blond Representative

Gina Pearce

This person is the liaison to the Lew Blond Run committee. Responsibilities include promoting the event, finding sponsors, and coordinating activities involving the Willowbrook community.

International Night


This committee organizes an evening where families from the school can showcase their chosen country to the school community. This committee is a one-year commitment.