Committee Chair Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Committee Chair Responsibilities?

Committee Chairs are responsible for event or activity planning which may include any or all of the following:

  • Idea Generation
  • Budget Targets - setting prices, watching expenses
  • Publicity - creating flyers, posters, and writing blurbs for the WUW, news releases and eblasts
  • Event Logistics - Principal meeting, event setup, supplies, vendors, decorations
  • Volunteers - All staffing and scheduling through SignUp Genius
  • Final Report - Submitting a Final Report for future Committee Chair reference

Contact Lists

Each committee has a PTO Board Contact. Committees shall meet with their Board Contact to review committee’s progress once a preliminary plan has been developed.

Who is my PTO Board contact? (Board Contacts for Committees and Representatives)

How do I contact my PTO Board contact? (Executive Board Member Contact List)

Full List of Committee Chairs and Representatives

If you are chairing a returning event, ask your Board Rep for any prior year flyers or Final Event Reports to assist your planning process.

Represent your committee at General PTO Meetings.  If you are unable to attend, please talk to your Board Contact before the meeting so she can share your committee’s information.

What are Committee Representative Responsibilities?

Attend all necessary meetings pertaining to your committee. You may be required to attend meetings at other locations (especially representatives like Glenview Character Counts, School Board, Maple, NSSED).

Prepare an emailed summary of the meeting and submit to the PTO Communications within 5 days of meeting to be shared as determined.

How Do I Delegate Responsibility?

Meet with fellow chairs to determine areas of responsibility. Areas may include; supplies, facilities, decorations, vendors, food, advertising, solicitation, liaison w/ school, volunteers, and financials.

Is There an Event Planning Worksheet?

Yes, print the Event Planning Worksheet to help organize your planning and notes.  The information contained in the worksheet is similar to the information requested in the Online Final Report.  We suggest collecting the information and keeping notes as you go to make the Final Report process quick and easy.

If you are chairing a returning event, ask your Board Rep for any prior year flyers or Final Event Reports to assist your planning process.

Event Planning Worksheet (Word Version)
Event Planning Worksheet (pdf Version)

Money, Finances, Registration - How does that all work and what is this Wufoo I keep hearing about?

  • Treasurer's Page
     Review the Treasurer's Page for financial procedures. It covers important information regarding use of the Tax Exempt Letter and the Expense Reimbursement Form.
  • Delegate Financial Responsibility
    One person should assume financial responsibilities (track costs, work w/ Treasurer etc.) for your event.  The Treasurer will collect and notate all funds received on the event registration form.  In the event that funds are not received, the Treasurer is responsible for follow up communications.
  • Wufoo - Registration Form
    The Treasurer will create a registration form for the event or activity using the PTO's online form service Wufoo. Please give the Treasurer advance notice to allow time to create a form.
  • The following information may be needed:
  1. Detailed list of data to collect including name, email, number in attendance, and so on
  2. Detailed pricing
  3. Images (in jpeg or gif formats)
  4. Website links
  5. General event description
  • Registration Report and Event Check In
    Committee Chairs will be supplied login information to review the registration report and track attendance online at their convenience.  The Treasurer will also supply a Check-In form with payment status on the day of the event.
  • Event Change or Petty Cash
    Coordinate with the Treasurer a week in advance, if you need petty cash for change, tips, etc. or if you need checks for vendors at the event.
  • Reimbursement Requests
    All  reimbursement requests should be submitted online using the Expense Reimbursement Form within 5 days of the event.

Expense Reimbursement Form
Tax Exempt Letter
PTO Treasurer

How do I charge entrance fees for the event?

  • Price
    Decide what price per person should be charged for your event.
  • Willowbrook Staff Pricing 
    Willowbrook Staff shall only be charged at cost.
  • Profit Goal
    Pricing shall be determined based on the annual profit goals set by the PTO Board and the anticipated expenses for the event.
  • Budget 
    Each committee will receive their budget information from the PTO VP of Membership.

Do I need a Principal meeting to discuss event logistics?

Yes, a meeting with Mr. Carlson should be scheduled four (4) weeks in advance of the event to coordinate with the school requirements (i.e., set up, tables, chairs, custodial needs).

How do I find volunteers for the event and what is SignUp Genius?

Determine the staffing requirements for your event.

Use to schedule coverage.

  • SignUp Genius Assistance
    Account LOGIN ID =
    If you have questions about using the website or need the Willowbrook PTO account login password, please contact PTO Membership.
  • Timing   
    Make the volunteer schedule at least two (2) weeks prior to your event.  Send a volunteer email reminder for two (2) days prior to your event.
  • Set up/Clean Up
    Include volunteers for set up and clean up as well as during the event.
  • Financial Staffing    
    A member of the Executive Board - specifically Treasurer or President - does all Event Financial Staffing (Check-In, Event Sales, or Money Collection).  Please schedule with the Executive Board in advance and do not include these position in the volunteer sign up form.
  • Event Volunteer Lists   
    The committee will be provided with a pre-filled list in SignUp Genius of people who have specifically volunteered for the event. If necessary,  a Volunteer-at-large list is also available. If applicable, there is also a list of those who have volunteered for the Fruit/Dessert/Beverage Committee.
  • Additional Volunteers Needed
    If more volunteers are needed, advertise the SignUpGenius form link in the What’s Up Willowbrook flyer, publicize at PTO meetings or other events, network, recruit and call people. You can use the website and Facebook page as well. Please contact PTO Communications to add information to the website/Facebook.

How do I contact the Fruit/Dessert/Beverage Committee?

  • Process    
    There is a list in SignUp Genius of volunteers. Use this list to populate your event's SignUp.
  • Timing    
    Please notify the committee of your needs at least one week in advance.
  • Directions   
    Give the volunteers directions for what you want (i.e., a specific type of baked good, individually wrapped, and drop-off time and location).
  • Peanut Free    
    Remind donors to clearly label the food and not to use peanuts or peanut butter.
  • Donor List   
    Contact VPs of Membership for list of volunteers willing to donate items - PTO Membership

How do I publicize my event?

Please note that all registrations, SignUps, volunteer management, and any information collected from the community is done online via the registration service Wufoo or the volunteer service SignUp Genius.

  • Paper Flyer   
    Committees may send home ONE paper flyer (Board Contact may have previous year’s flyer for reference) per event but it is for informational/publicity purposes only and NOT as a registration form.  Instead, the flyer should direct the community to register or volunteer online.  For most events, it is recommended that the hard copies go out no more than one week in advance. This is done through the school office.
  • Registration Form    
    Online Registration through Wuffoo saves volunteer time and effort.  Chairs will have 24-hour online access to event registration reports and payment status and the Treasurer will be responsible for collecting/managing payments and creating the registration form.
  • What's Up Willowbrook (WUW)   
    Prior notification of the event can be sent out electronically as early as 3-4 weeks in advance of the event via inclusion in the What’s Up Willowbrook. Information must be submitted to the School Office ( by the Wednesday prior for inclusion in that Friday’s What’s Up Willowbrook
  • Bulletin Board    
    There is a PTO bulletin board in the entryway to the school. Your event can be publicized here. Maintenance and upkeep of the Board is a committee position. Contact Kristin Moran and Stephanie Gordon for information and to let them know what you want done.
  • PTO Website/Facebook   
    Website front page news article submissions should be emailed to Communications.  Any pictures or logos should be attached in .jpg or .gif formats.  
  • Eblast    
    ONE email blast is permitted prior to the event.  Please submit the email blast draft to the Presidents at least two days prior to intended distribution.
  • Willowbrook LCD & Poster   
    Advertisements can also be included on the Willowbrook LCD  (located in the entry vestibule). Consult with the school office for inclusion.  If needed, the office staff has the ability to print a poster size flyer for placement on the school doors.
  • Local Papers or District News   
    Depending on the type of event you are hosting, you might also want or need to advertise in the broader community. Consider other District 30 schools, local papers, posters and flyers. If you wish to advertise in local papers, contact Beth Preis at the District 30 Administrative offices. (Mrs. Fetzer (WUW additions); Mrs. Scarlata (TV in foyer); Beth Preis (D30 Publicity)

I need help with decorations, tablecloths, forms and supplies.

Try to use decorations and supplies the PTO or Willowbrook already owns (i.e., art paper for tablecloths, cups, plates, etc.). The PTO closets in the teachers’ lounge are filled with all kinds of decorations and supplies. Be creative in using the decorations that PTO already owns.

Useful Forms

Example MPR Layout options for your use:

How do I thank my event volunteers?

After the event, write a thank you note for the What’s Up Willowbrook flyer; be sure to list all volunteers and school staff. The Office would like to receive the paragraph electronically (preferred) by Wednesday afternoon of the week you would like it to run.

You may also want to send thank you letters or thank you emails to your vendors or to people who donated for the event.

Do I submit a final event report?

Yes, please complete the Online Final Report within two weeks of the event. Notify your PTO Board Contact once the report has been completed. Please also provide your Board Contact with additional electronic pdf copies, etc. of materials produced that might be useful for the event in the future.

For your convenience, electronic files, like flyers, can be uploaded directly into the final report.

If your committee is changing over, please meet with the incoming committee to share your expertise.

Online Final Report