"Wescott Madness" PTO Fundraiser Begins February 24

"Wescott Madness" PTO Fundraiser Begins February 24

The Annual "Wescott Madness" PTO Fundraiser Begins February 24

Wescott School’s PTO is hosting its last fundraiser of the school year dubbed “Wescott Madness” from February 24-March 1.  

A student-favorite, this activity gives families the opportunity to sign-up to host after-school parties beginning the first week in March. The actual parties take place from March through May.  There are also Teacher Raffles; whereby generous teachers, staff, and administrators donate a variety of raffle prizes for the event. Students may bid on as many pries as they choose for $1.00 per raffle ticket.

Over two days, a list of parties created for students and parents will be emailed by the Wescott PTO.  Each party will consist of entertainment and energetic activities. Most of these parties will take place at local popular hotspots, while others may be hosted by Wescott families in their homes.  The cost of each party will vary.  

All proceeds from teacher raffles and parties will go directly to the PTO, which will be utilized by Wescott for myriad gifts to the school.

More information will be coming in the Friday edition of the "Wescott Word" newsletter.