Wescott PTO Special Lunches

We are pleased to offer one special lunch day and one ice cream day each month, in lieu of the Quest lunch program.

The Quest lunch program will NOT be available on the PTO special lunch days. Therefore, please make sure that your child brings lunch to school on those days if you have not ordered the special lunch that is being served. The Quest lunch program will be available on PTO ice cream days.

We've connected with Marla's Lunch Service to coordinate the ordering and delivery of all our special lunches. You can customize your child's lunch and it will be ready on the special day. You can alter your selections up to a week before the lunch day (by the previous Tuesday at 10am) in case your tastes change.

Vendors and dates are currently being updated. Please check back later.

The PTO cannot guarantee the accuracy of any food ingredient claims (including Gluten Free) made by the participating vendors.  The PTO also cannot ensure that products are properly labeled and that all food items are safe for consumption by children with any food allergies. It is the parents' responsibility to assess the safety of all food items served on special lunch days and to send in a sack lunch as needed.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding food ingredients and allergens, please direct all inquiries to the respective food vendors.

If your child is absent on special lunch day and you would like to pick up their lunch, please do so between 11:30am - 12:45pm. A rep from Marla's will be in the multipurpose room. All lunches not picked up by 12:45pm will be donated.