Message of Gratitude from Board of Education President Chuck Gitles

April 6, 2017

Message from Board of Education President Chuck Gitles:

In December of 2016, District 30’s Board of Education completed a detailed Master Facility Plan. It was based on an established goal, which is to strive to create and realize the facility vision that will align with our educational vision. This was an inclusive process, respectful to our stakeholders and community, and involved them in the process of updating our district’s facility vision.  


The Master Facility Plan was then shared with a Steering Committee and the Citizens’ Task Force.  The Task Force unanimously recommended that our Board of Education pursue a Facility Bond Referendum which encompassed the building of a new Maple School and completion of Health/Life-Safety work at Wescott and Willowbrook Schools.  The Board unanimously supported this recommendation, and placed the referendum on the April 2017 ballot.  It’s purpose was to ask District 30 residents to help us replace a deteriorating Maple School.


On April 4, by a large margin, the District 30 community voted a resounding “Yes" to putting the Master Facility Plan into action. The Board of Education is tremendously thankful to the community for their unambiguous answer to the posed question. We are prepared to implement the facility upgrades, beginning with the construction of a new Maple Middle School.  Our primary responsibility to the community is to see the project completed in a timely, efficient, and budget-conscious manner.  


We would not be able to move forward on this project, if not for the dedication of so many passionate and dedicated volunteers. The community owes a debt of gratitude to the members of the Citizens’ Task Force, the Steering Committee, and the independent campaign committee. These tireless individuals put in their valuable time, sweat and financial support to help us succeed in the mission to build a new Maple School.  We would not have the opportunity to pursue this plan without their resolve. The Board is thankful and extremely grateful for all of their efforts.



Mr. Chuck Gitles

District 30 Board President