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July 6, 2017

Willowbrook School fifth graders enjoyed a graduation luncheon, courtesy of the PTO on June 8.

Willowbrook School fifth graders enjoyed a graduation luncheon, courtesy of the PTO on June 8.

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In his most recent blog, Mr. Carlson said, "Willowbrook School held its first annual Senior Walk on June 2.  We invited former Willowbrook students graduating from high school to be honored.  The seniors gathered in the front foyer, sharing fond memories and catching up with old friends.  Once everyone was gathered, the seniors marched through the hallways and received cheers and well wishes from the students and staff.  They finished their walk in the school gym for a brief all-school assembly."

"Each of the 23 seniors shared a favorite memory, plans for next year, and some advice for the current Wildcats.  Mr. Barker and the 5th grade students taught the alumni a song from this year’s musical, 'Where You’re From', and we sang as a community.  As the song reminds us, we can always call Willowbrook home.  'Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat.'"

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Online School Supply Orders Available

Willowbrook families have the convenience of ordering pre-packaged school supplies directly to your home! While the new school year feels far away, why not cross this off the list now? Our school supply sale can be found at School Tool Box at

Lists are done by grade and you can customize your order (don't need more scissors? Don't order them!). Orders must be placed by July 31 to arrive intime at your home for the start of school. All Willowbrook students must have recording headphones with a microphone. These are not available through our online school supply sale. Find out more by reading the June 9 edition of the "What's Up Willowbrook?".

PTO Committee Chair Sign-up for 2017-2018

It's time to sign up for Willowbrook PTO Committee Chair Positions for the 2017-2018 school year. At this time, the PTO i seeking new volunteers for the Committee Chair Positions. Those who have currently completed a two-year term as chair and would consider an extension, please contact the Presidents.

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Representative Scott Drury Visits First Grade Classes

Illinois State Representative Scott Drury visited Willowbrook School first graders in Aimee Neumann and Jody Madden's classes on June 2.  Representative Drury is the Illinois state representative for the 58th district, which includes Northbrook, eight other suburbs and North Chicago.

He told the kids that he is an attorney and  a state representative, and explained how a bill becomes a law. The attentive students heard how the government works in Springfield, the state capitol.

"My goal is to make Illinois solid, and a better state to live in," maintained Representative Drury.

He emphasized the fact that it takes a lot of time to pass a bill so that it becomes a law.

"The shortest amount of time it takes to pass a bill is five months, but one of the bills I was trying to pass took almost five years,"
he said.

For more information about Representative Drury, go to

Summer Schedule

Friday, July 14 - Last Day of D30 Summer School

Tuesday, August 1 - Registration Deadline

Monday, August 14 - ePackets are posted on Website

Summer Reading Requirements for All Students

During the summer, all Maple School students will be asked to share a book that they read during the summer with their English Language Arts class.
The English Language Arts staff said that they feel that it is important for students to read over the summer in order to continue to grow as thinkers and learners.
They reported, "We hope each student will enjoy reading over the summer and look forward to sharing their book with others. Students will find out more about sharing their book from their ELA teacher in the fall. We very much believe in a workshop approach to reading and writing and strongly support student choice whenever possible."
Librarians Amy Kauth, Sue Sparks, and Margaret Janavicius, along with Maple ELA teachers, will provide a list of suggested titles from which students can select their book. However, students may read any book they choose. Other great resources for book selection are the librarians at the Northbrook and Glenview public libraries.
The list suggested by the Maple staff can be found on the Maple LMC school page at and Mediapprentice Blog at

Kindergartners Experience the Revelation of the Woods at The Grove

"I really like it here," said a Willowbrook School kindergartner to a classmate, as they traversed the wooded trails at The Grove in Glenview on May 17.

All kindergartners visit The Grove to learn about nature's outdoor garden.  Docents taught the children about the wildflowers and trees that are native to the area, and stopped to show them examples as they toured the grounds. They saw poison ivy, and learned about the dangers of the three-leaved plant.

Also in abundance at present were wild geraniums, mushrooms, mayapples, dandelions, ginger, white trillium, native wild raspberries and wild rose bushes.

A Grove docent pointed out the shagbark hickory tree that the early settlers and Native Americans used to harvest hickory nuts from for food in the 1800s. He pointed out two trees that had grown together and were entwined like vines.

While visiting the pond, near the Interpretive Center, the kids learned that it is not spring fed, so fish do not live in the pond. However, turtles live there, and feed regularly on the algae, which covers the pond like a thick fudge frosting. 

Other visitors to the pond include deer, skunks, coyotes, foxes, squirrels and tadpoles, and frogs!

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Superintendent Dr. Wegley Demonstrates Physics of Sound in Music Class

"Which is faster, sound or light?" Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley asked pupils in Kurt Barker's music class at Willowbrook School.

He was visiting on May 15, to share his passion for physics; as he is a former physics teacher. He said that he loved being back in the classroom to talk about the physics of sound.

Dr. Wegley answered his own question, as he told the children, "Sound travels at about 740 miles per hour in air ; however, light is faster, and travels 186,000 miles miles per second! The physical understanding of how things work is physics!" He demonstrated how sound can be produced, when he tapped a tuning fork on the table, which caused vibration. The kids were mesmerized as they viewed the vibrating fork and energy waves, which ultimately caused sound.

Mr. Barker added that timbre is the quality of auditory sensations produced by the tone of a sound wave. Sound waves produced by water were then demonstrated by Dr. Wegley and Mr. Barker.

Thomas Edison's invention, the phonograph, was also on display, along with vinyl records: 78, 33-1/3 (lp or long-playing) and a 45. Many students had never seen or heard a phonograph!

The pupils heard how Edison was the first to record and play sound back on a grooved metal cylinder in 1877. Then Mr. Barker played a vinyl record from the 1930s, recorded by Dorothy Shay.

"When the first records came out, this changed the way society listened and made music. Music keeps evolving, and art follows technology," said Mr. Barker.

First and Second Graders' "Trouble With Owls" Shares Words of Wisdom

On May 10, Willowbrook School's first and second graders' musical was titled "The Trouble with Owls," however, throughout the performance it was the wiley fox that was giving the forest animals wayward advice, which could lead to possible trouble in their futures.

The show and music, written by music teacher Kurt Barker, featured clusters of children dressed as foxes, bears, skunks and raccoons. Each group was addressed by the wolf (played by David Goss), who had the demeanor of a used car salesman.

He told the animals that there were better places to live beyond the forest; but they ultimately discovered that these destinations could prove to be dangerous.

Just in time, the owl (played by Danielle Maynard) swooped in and shared her wisdom. She talked about how making wise choices by being patient, careful and thoughtful will insure a brighter future for all. As in the story of "Little Red Riding Hood," the owl cautioned them about talking to strangers; as even friendly strangers are capable of bad intentions.

In the end, all of the animals listened to the wise owl, and she congratulated everyone for making wise choices!

Those who helped coordinate the program, with the support of Principal Scott Carlson, included first and second grade teachers: Jody Madden, Aimee Neumann, Ann Angel (narrator), Carrie Bargowski, Danielle Maynard (owl); and physical education teachers David Goss and Debbie Simek. Musician David Ness accompanied the kids on guitar, while Mr. Barker played the piano. 


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