Maple School NEWS BRIEFS: Maple's Variety Show Slated for May 22!

Maple School NEWS BRIEFS: Maple's Variety Show Slated for May 22!

Maple Musicians Make Memories at Spring Concert

Maple School's Spring Concert not only featured top-notch performances by the bands, choir, and orchestras, there were also moments to reflect that this was the last concert to be held in the west gym of what is now being referred to as the "old Maple." The new Maple School should be completed in a few weeks!

In addition, everyone had a chance to wish Band Director Mike Vecchio "Good Luck", as he will be leaving Maple to pursue his doctorate at the end of the school year. Student teacher Angela Kucharski was thanked for her contributions to the band this semester, as well.

The concert began with Orchestra Director Renee Yoo leading the String Orchestra as they played "Thunder and Lightning Polka", Eine Kleine Musik", and "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

Band Director Mike Vecchio led the Jazz Band as they performed "Night Train," a Maple Band original song dubbed "No. 3", "Listen Here," and "The Chicken."

Ms. Yoo then led the Chamber String Ensemble in "Sinfonia in D. Major", tunes from "The Lion King," and "Jacob's Theme."

Choir Director Decima Panitch, introduced the choir and her daughter Rebecca Panitch, who accompanied the choir on piano. They sang "It's a Hard Knock Life," "Je Le Vous Dirai!", "Like an Eagle", and "My Favorite Things."

The Symphonic Band's songs included "March of the Belgian Paratroopers, "Softly Speaks the Night," "Sweet Like That," and "The Incredibles."

At the conclusion of the concert, the band, orchestra, and choir performed together, "Thanks for the Memory."


Maple's Debate Team Finishes Season Strong!

Maple’s debate team finished their season strong in their final debate tournament. Placing first as a team in the novice division: Claire Noh, Stephanie Mei, and Zoe Wang. 

In the varsity division: Alex Gabriel, Ryan Lim, and Jason Kim came in 7th, Yoonsol Cho and Catherine Tang placed 4th, Kalen Mehta, Darshan Kommanapalli, and Jack Miller took 2nd. Novice individual speaker awards went to Stephanie Mei, 10th place, Zoe Wang, 7th place, and Claire Noh, 2nd place. Varsity individual speaker awards went to Yoonsol Cho, 10th place, and Catherine Tang, 5th place. 

Principal Dr. Nate Carter said, "We are very proud of our Maple debaters. Congratulations on a successful end to the season!"

Maple Applauds Winners of Creative Writing Contest!

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the first annual Maple Creative Writing Contest for Grades 7 and 8. 

Principal Dr. Nate Carter stated, "We are so proud of our outstanding writers!"

The Maple English Language Arts (ELA) Department First Place Winner was Eashna Agarwal. 

Finalists were Yoonsol Cho, Ani Nangia Semi-Finalists:Mira Estrin, Sundia Wilkins, Roger YangHonorable Mention:Jasmin Azizi, Ellen Baek, Olivia Butler Bantz, Leila Baumgartner, Molly Becker, Alex Burstein, Matthew Dollins, Sarah Eisenberg, Katie Finan, Hannah Garti, Dakota Gordon, Jenna Horwitch, Chloe Hwang, Yaeji Hyoung, Emma Jiang, Darshan Kommanapalli, Rina Matsunaga, Stephanie Mei, Jack Miller, Abby Mogilner, Claire Mui, Sean Mullen, Claire Noh, Irene Park, Maya Pawlik, Katie Sander, Ella Schmarak, Naomi Szmuilowicz, Karishma Thykattil, Lilah Townsley, Josh Zingerman


Student Council Donates Funds to Support the Philly Baer Foundation

On May 7, Maple School Student Council with Co-sponsors Lynn Reimer and Iris Zhang, presented Marnie and Hallie Baer with a $1,550 check to help support the Philly Baer Foundation, which is near and dear to their hearts of everyone at Maple School and District 30.

Philly Baer was Ms. Baer's beloved son, and Hallie Baer's adored twin, who passed away last year. He was also a student at Maple School who is best remembered for his sweet smile.

Ms. Baer was visibly touched to receive the check for the Philly Baer Foundation. She thanked everyone profusely for their "huge hearts," and said that Philly's memory lives on because of everyone who remembers him and hears about the foundation.

She added that foundation's mission is to improve the lives of children, like Philly, with special needs and their families by supporting medical research and providing access to healthcare and therapies.

The Philly Baer Foundation's goal is to positively impact children's lives. There are three components: partnering with individuals, therapeutic clinics, and medical researchers.

The Philly Baer Foundation also purchased an adaptive swing in 2019 for the new special needs playground at Maple School in Northbrook, Illinois.‚Äč Brick and monetary donations are being accepted at

Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley, with Principals Dr. Nate Carter and Betty Holzkopf, then sincerely thanked the Baer family for their support of the new playground. He also expressed his great pride in the students and teachers who participated in the many fundraising activities to raise money for this and other great causes this past year.

Maple Kids Join Charitable WE Day Event on May 8

Maple School's Service Learning Club students received a special invitation to attend a national event called WE Day at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont on May 8.

The club, which is run by teachers Jillian Rathge and Iris Zhang has participated in many charitable activities throughout the year that include volunteer efforts at Feed My Starving Children, donating supplies to Orphans of the Storm animal shelter, winter clothing collections to needy individuals, and more. Due to their great efforts, their application was approved for attendance to the event.

WE Day is based on the WE Movement, which was developed by brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger, co-founders of the WE Charity, Me to WE, and WE Day.

The WE Movement is a movement that believes when people come together they can create an even better world. WE offers resouces for helping people get involved, whether at home, school or work, by offering resources to help create positive social change in a community and around the world.

This year, WE Day brought together thousands of people together in California, New York, Texas, Washington, and Illinois to create great energy and impact. In Illinois, Allstate made the event possible, and another company that supported WE Day was Walgreens.

Maple kids who attended WE Day were seventh graders Max Wadhwa, Olivia Thursby, Sammy Kubba, Judy Marsh, and Maya Pawlik.

Sixth graders include Julia Bazianos, Dylan Hartsbarger, Arthur Bellows, Alondra Reyes, Chloe Zhu, Joyce Lee, Stefi Stryjecki, Samantha Field, Rebecca Zhang, Kaylee Hwang, and Cailyn Kelsen.

During the WE Day event, everyone received black tshirts that stated, “Leaders are optimistic, confident, and responsible. Green-and-purple signs were also available that read, “WE Get doing!"

The hope and message of the organizers of the event was that “standing in a stadium full of change-makers reaffirmed one’s belief that a better world is possible."

At the Allstate Arena, A-list performers joined thousands of youth across Chicago, with the Maple students, to celebrate a year of action that transformed communities and changed lives.

The celebrities included Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Rupi Kaur, Elaine Welteroth, Arnie Duncan, Karan Brar, Bailee Madson, Alexandra Shipp, Marcus Scribner, Emeraude Toubia, Biship Briggs, Miles BrownKendrick Sampson, Kechi Okwuchi, Kheris Rogers, Loud Luxury, Olivia Holt, Laurie Hernandez, Monique Coleman, Celebrity Maruaders, Margaret Trudeau, Justin Cunningham, Essence Smith, Hailey A. Love, Kim Tyler and Endure Dancers, Dr. Janice Jackson, Isaiah Day, Bushra Amiwala, Carlil Pittman, Radka Pribyl Pierdinock, Angel Schlotterback, Tom Wilson, and WE founders Craig and Marc Kielburger!

These powerful individuals covered myriad subjects: Mental health, bullying, surviving traumas, PTSD support, curbing violence, supporting charities, and improving education in underserved neighborhoods.

Carlil Pitman, a community advocate and GoodKids MadCity Coordinator said, “In Education is there agitation. And in agitation, there is power. And, in power, there is action.”

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, former NBA champion, now heads up the Skyhook Foundation, which sends children from economically-challenged backgrounds to summer camps focusing on science, technology and engineering.

The motto of the foundation is “Give Kids a Shot That Can’t Be Blocked.”

Addressing the cheering audience he said, “Knowledge is power. If you give people education, you give them the sky. Giving back to those in need is essential in our challenged neighborhoods.”

When Ms. Rathge was asked about the students’ impression of WE Day. She replied, “They were very inspired, and want to go back next year!"


70 Eighth-Graders are Recipients of President's Award for Educational Excellence

Seventy Maple School eighth-graders received the President’s Award (PAEE) for Educational Excellence on May 1. This is the 30th year that this award has been in existence, and the last time that this ceremony will take place in the gymnasium at the current Maple School.

Next year it will take place in the new Maple School’s cafetorium which holds 500 people. This esteemed assembly began with the Color Guard's presentation of the flags, and there was the recitation of the "The Pledge of Allegiance." Renee Yoo’s chamber orchestra performed, adding a festive ambiance to the evening.

Principal Dr. Nate Carter welcomed the audience of families, teachers, and students. He introduced the Board of Education President Ursula Sedlak, who addressed the audience and commended the students.

Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley spoke next, congratulating the pupils on their outstanding achievement. He reminded everyone, "District 30 exists to create a community that craves learning, fosters resiliency, and cares deeply for each child. We honor childhood and foster intellectual, physical, and social-emotional growth.”

Former recipient and Glenbrook North High School senior, Beatrice Katsnelson spoke to the audience, encouraging the students to get involved in all aspects high school, to nurture their friendships, and to really take the time to contemplate future goals.

Eighth graders Ben Witzel and Darshan Kommanapalli represented their class and spoke about their achievements. They discussed how getting involved in activities, like music and academic competitions, as well as community service, all helped them succeed in their studies.

They both emphasized the theme of the evening, “I Couldn’t Do It Alone,” and said they were thankful to have such to supportive families, schools, and faculty in their lives.

Librarian Amy Kauth, who is retiring this year after serving eight years at District 30, addressed the students and said she was proud of their success.

Assistant Principal Betty Holzkopf then welcomed teachers Lynn Reimer, Robin Dombeck, Kathryn Schmeckpeper, and Renee Yoo, who presented the awards to the students. Dr. Wegley, Ms. Sedlak, and Dr. Carter stood in front of the stage with proud smiles on their faces and shook each pupil’s hand.

Maple School faculty and staff members who are members of the President's Award for Educational Excellence Committee include Sarah Arends, Robin Dombeck, Mario Gurgone, Kathy Janca, Robyn Kogan, Nancy Lifshitz, Dawn Nettelhorst, Lynn Reimer, Michelle Rosen, Kathryn Schmeckpeper, and Renee Yoo.

President's Award for Educational Excellence recipients included the following students: Eashna Agarwal, Neil Arora, Maksat Baiken, Anastasia Bazianos, Juan Calderon, Caroline Chang, Saffron Chiu, Paul Cho, Yoonsol Cho, Moses Chua, Juliana Craven, Tyler Dashnaw, Sam Diaz, Skyler Elliott, Julia Esrig, Katherine Finan, Alexander Gabriel, Evan Gerns, Samanth Glaser, Dylan Goldin, Dakota Gordon, Madeline Grabowksi, Drew Ibardaloza, Kyle Joseph, Ryan Kang, Noah Kaufman, Jason Kim, Seongchan Kim, Sofio Kipiani, Darshan Kommanapalli, Benjamin Lee, Micah Lim, Ryan Lim, Kalen Mehta, Brandon Mesirow, Elizabeth Michael, Jackson Miller, Thomas Mitchell, Rohan Mitra, Abigail Mogilner, Anna Morrison, Claire Mui, Sean Mullen, Abigail Nagel, Katrina Ng, Eli Oldani, Ariela Ostrov, Sooah Park, Efthemia Perakis, Ellie Peskin, Stephanie Pinc, Matthew Poulton, Rishabh Purayil, Katherin Sander, Zachary Schimel, Zoe Schneider, Elan Schonfeld, Anna Seger, Alan Sung, Catherine Tang, Lila Townsley, Victor Ursu, Lauren Vuong, Vivian Wang, Benjamin Witzel, Fiona Yin, Nathan Yoon, Jayden Yum, and Katie Zhang,

Maple Celebration and Graduation Dates Confirmed
  • Wednesday, May 22, Graduation Party 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at the Renaissance Hotel, Northbrook. 
  •  Thursday, May 23, Maple Closing Ceremony, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
  •  Thursday, May 23, Maple Open House, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  •  Friday, May 24, Graduation Practice, 8:30 am - 11:30 am at Maple 
  • Tuesday, May 28, Graduation Practice, 8:30 am - 11:30 am at GBS• 
  • Tuesday, May 28, Graduation Ceremony, 7:00 pm at Glenbrook South High School
  • Six and seventh Graders Last Day of School is May 30