NEWS BRIEFS - "An Adventure in Learning" is Underway at Maple Summer School!

NEWS BRIEFS -  "An Adventure in Learning" is Underway at Maple Summer School!

Maple Summer School Runs through July 14

"An Adventure in Learning" began at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, June 13 at Maple Summer School.  Over 450 students are attending the program, which runs through July 14. Pupils were welcomed by Summer School Principal Eleni Lamson, Assistant Principal Ashley Grosshuesch and Secretary Nancy Lifshitz.  Classes run in four blocks, from 8:30 a.m.-12:25 p.m. As a reminder, attendance is taken in each block, so call the office at 847-400-8931, or email if students are going to be late or absent from summer school.

During the five-week program, besides their regular class(es), there will be opportunities for pupils in grades 3-8 to spend the morning at Kenilworth Beach; and to attend a show at Marriott Lincolnshire Theater.

Some of the classes that are underway this summer include the following:  Refresher Math and Reading, Paper Art, Computer Collaboration, Studio Art, Little Picassos, The Game of My Life, Design with Code, Green Thumbs, Summer Musical, Under the Sea, Sunrise Yoga, Mini-Camp, Writing Workshop, Orchestra, Volleyball, Concert, Art in Color, Basketball, How to Survive Sixth Grade, Fit for Now, Fit for Life, World Soccer with Mr. V, Cheer, Cooking, Primary Science, Reading and Story Time, Jazz Band and Racquet Sports. 

One of the new classes being held is called Service Projects for students in grades six through eight. This new course was designed and implemented by middle schoolers who want to get involved in their community. They will research different charities in the area, set-up fundraising events, and travel to different organizations, such as the local food pantry, animal shelters, or assisted-living homes.

"Thank you to our community for approving the new Maple School! Due to the exciting news, we anticipate Summer School 2017 and 2018 to continue as usual at the current Maple School. For Summer School 2019, we will continue to serve our community by hosting summer school at Wescott and Willowbrook Elementary Schools. Stay tuned for updates!" said Principal Lamson.

For more information, and to stay current, go to Maple's Summer School website at /about/Summer-School

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132 Maple School Eighth Graders Graduate on June 7

One hundred and thirty-two Maple School eighth graders took part in graduation ceremonies on June 7 at Glenbrook South High School. The evening began with a performance of Pomp and Circumstance March No. 3 Op. 39…E. Elgar by the Maple band and orchestra, led by Mike Vecchio and Renee Yoo. Everyone recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Then eighth grader Casey Weiner welcomed the audience of parents, siblings, administrators, faculty and Board of Education members.

Speeches were given by Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Brian K. Wegley, Principal of Maple School, Dr. Nathan Carter and President of the Board of Education Chuck Gitles. Following was director Decima Panitch's eighth grade choir’s presentation of the song Glorious…Stephanie <Abey/arr.Fukuda. They were accompanied on piano by her daughter Rebecca Panitch. On string instruments were Aaron Choi, Maddie Dashnaw, Kelley Kim, Yoo Lae Rho, and Ben Witzel. 

Graduating eighth graders who received special awards included the following students:

American Legion: Peter Bazianos, Christina Rim;
Dr. Edward Tivador Kindness Award: Emma Bird, Nolan Smeds; Christa McAuliffe Greatest Growth Award: Melody Immergluck, Paul Yoon; and The Principal’s Award: Jenna Agan, Lindsey Agan, Pennie Lome.

The class speech was given by eighth grader Dylan Buckner. This was followed by the presentation of awards by Dr. Nathan Carter, Assistant Principal Betty Holzkopf, and teachers Robin Dombeck and Sarah Arends. Board of Education member presented diplomas to the pupils. They included President Chuck Gitles, Vice President Ursula Sedlak, Nancy Artz, Ihab Riad, Keith Karchmar, Elizabeth Shabelman and Jeff Zuercher.

The ceremony concluded with the band and orchestra’s performance of Triumphal March from Aida…G. Verdi. The eighth grade graduation  program cover was designed by eighth grader Jane Jun.

2016-2017 Maple PTO Upper Board Established

The Maple School PTO Upper Board has been established for the 2016-2017 school year: 
Co-Presidents: Dianne Larsen and Tara Wesselink
Co-Communications: Marnie Baer & Laurie Glaser
Co-Treasurer: Lisa Buchanan & Lisa Servedio
VP of Committees: Jen Marsh
VP of Membership: Pam Kurtz
Through the help of parent volunteers, the Maple PTO is able to offer a variety of educational and community engagement activities that enrich the school experience.  

The PTO is seeking volunteers for the following vacant Committee Chair positions. This sign-up is to chair the position, not to volunteer for the day's event.  Positions are a two-year commitment (with some exceptions).

To volunteer, sign up at

For more information, please email PTO Co-President's Dianne Larsen & Tara Wesselink at if you have questions. Thank you!

Maple School June Awards Assembly Recipients Announced

  • American Legion: Peter Bazianos, Christina Rim
  • Dr. Edward Tivador Kindness Award: Emma Bird, Nolan Smeds
  • Christa McAuliffe Greatest Growth Award: Melody Immergluck, Paul Yoon
  • Sixth Grade Greatest Growth Award: Alexandra Carl, Jordan Kane
  • Seventh Grade Greatest Growth Award: Jayne Latek, Bruno Tello
  • The Principal’s Award: Jenna Agan, Lindsey Agan, Pennie Lome

Summer Schedule

Friday, July 14 - Last Day of D30 Summer School

Tuesday, August 1 - Registration Deadline

Monday, August 14 - ePackets are posted on Website

Summer Reading Requirements for All Students

During the summer, all Maple School students will be asked to share a book that they read during the summer with their English Language Arts class.
The English Language Arts staff said that they feel that it is important for students to read over the summer in order to continue to grow as thinkers and learners.
They reported, "We hope each student will enjoy reading over the summer and look forward to sharing their book with others. Students will find out more about sharing their book from their ELA teacher in the fall. We very much believe in a workshop approach to reading and writing and strongly support student choice whenever possible."
Librarians Amy Kauth, Sue Sparks, and Margaret Janavicius, along with Maple ELA teachers, will provide a list of suggested titles from which students can select their book. However, students may read any book they choose. Other great resources for book selection are the librarians at the Northbrook and Glenview public libraries.
The list suggested by the Maple staff can be found on the Maple LMC school page at
and Mediapprentice Blog at