Maple PTO

2019/2020 Committees

These committees coordinate an event for the PTO. Responsibilities may include publicizing the event, collecting money, organizing volunteers, ordering food/drinks/desserts, purchasing supplies and/or decorations, arranging for the set-up and clean up of the event.

Committee Chairpersons are asked to turn in a final evaluation following the event. Each is a one-year commitment unless noted. Please refer to the District Calendar or Student Directory for committee chair contact information.

6th Grade Dance Class
Katherine Lee Michelle King Danielle Pollack Kristin Moran
8th Grade Graduation party
Anjali Nanjia Karen Burstein
8th grade decorations
special lunch
Julie St. John .     Pam Kurcz .    Jodi Contreras     Cissy Furusho  
Danielle Pollack   
lew blond
Bobbi Miller  
Dine out days
Christine Hartbarger  
Binita Patel .    Ashley Delaney   
volley bash
Julie St John .    Jenny Spiggos .    Kim Fagin  
School supplies
Cissy Furusho  
Ice cream
Jody Contreras .    Gladys Jara  
Rui Hang .    Soon Hee Chang  
Joy Kostoglanis .    Michelle King .    Tracey Becker .    Shae Kelson  
book fair
Susan Clark  
Career day
Anjali Rao .    Sharad Kansara  
environmental committee
Tracey Becker  
Food services committee
Susan Swidler .    Melissa Carr  
spirit wear
Nikki Beazley .    Sun Park  
Jenny Spiggos .    Kim Fagin